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Hey, everyone! Welcome to another episode of Jewish music 101! I’m your host, Hillel Kapnick, and today we’re going to go on a journey of the latest and greatest recent releases in Jewish music. Buckle up, and let’s get started! 

Besimchas Hatorah – Mordechai Salzer – Inspired by and in honor of the Siyum HaShas celebration, which continues through mid-February, Mordechai Salzer composed a brand new album with original and timeless simchas Torah songs that will uplift your heart and soul. The tenth song – “Lesayem” was played at the MetLife stadium Siyum HaShas shortly before Minchah.

Heimish and Geshmak 2 – MRM Music – From MRM comes the newest edition of the Heimish and Geshmak series. This album features vocals by Avrumy Holczler, Amram Greenwald, Volvy Adler, and Yossi Goldstein. With music by Yidu Strohli and Hillel Kapnick (Yup! That’s me!) and trumpet by special guest Lenny Friedman, this album is jam packed with 22 of your favorite heimish niggunim.

Up Like A Lion – Aryeh Kunstler – We’ve been waiting for new music from rock star Aryeh Kunstler for quite a while, but the wait is finally over! This new track will have you literally “Up Like a Lion” jumping along to the beat. 

Kulanu Nelech – Benny Friedman – Benny continues to find ways to surprise us with every album he releases! This extremely diverse album features compositions by an equally diverse group of composers, including Avraham Zamist, Udi Damari, Yitzy Waldner, Ari Goldwag, Yitzy Berry, Elie Schwab, and more! There’s something for everyone on this album from exciting dance tracks to soulful ballads. 

This is My Home – Duvie Shapiro – Duvie has been making quite a splash on the Jewish music scene with his debut single “Lech Al Zeh” and his “Wedding Dance Set” video with the Yoni Eliav band. You can tell that Duvie has amazing energy- and some amazing vocals skills that go along with it! 

Olam Chessed – Matt Dubb – With songs like “Adama V”Shamayim,” “Kewli,” 

“Heilig,” and many others, Matt Dubb is constantly making a splash with his upbeat tracks. This new one is no different! Presented with a music video featuring Meir Kay, this track is a beautiful reminder to pay it forward and add some kindness into the world! 

Mah Ahavti – Duvid’l – Chances are if you’ve been to a kumzitz, there’s a good chance you’d met Duvid’l. His voice and guitar skills are the perfect combination to giving a kumzitz the energy and heart it needs. Duvid’l has finally released his debut single, “Mah Ahavti”. This track, composed and performed by Duvid’l, is sure to be on your list of favorite new tracks 

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