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Welcome back to another edition of Jewish music 101! With all the craziness going on in the world, this has actually been a great time for Jewish music, as artists are releasing more and more music in the interest of keeping everyone entertained during their time at home. We’ve got a lot of music to get through today, so let’s get started! 

Champion – NACHAS – When searching for an upbeat song with positive uplifting lyrics, Nachas has become one of the go-to artists. His musical style is always up to date and you can hear the excitement in his voice when he sings. This new single, “Champion,” definitely fits that description! Composed by Nachas himself, and expertly arranged by Shloimy Salzman of Sonic Duo, this song is the perfect reminder for everyone that you are a champion no matter what!

Batachti – Dovid Lowy – During our current situation, the world is looking for inspiration to keep going despite all the restrictions that have been put in place. This new single, arranged by Yitzy Berry and Eli Klein, puts into words the feelings we all have, and reminds us Who is really running the show! 

Stranger (Akiva Hammond Remix – Waterbury Mesivta) – If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve heard songs from the Waterbury Mesivta. Following the release of their single, “Stranger” is a new remix of the track by talented producer Akiva Hammond. This remix fits the vibe of the song and lyrics perfectly while breathing new life into the original track. 

Modeh Ani – Moshe Tischler – Moshe has made quite a name for himself singing at weddings and concerts throughout the simchah scene. While many weddings have been put on hold, Moshe has done us the favor of releasing his debut album, so if it isn’t as easy to see him singing live at a wedding, now everyone can listen to him in their homes! This album is packed with 12 amazing tracks, which span from soulful and emotional, to exciting and fun! Get your copy today!  

P’sach Libi – Moshe Siegel ft. Yosef Kugler – It’s hard to classify this track as just a “song” when it’s also a beautiful tefillah asking Hashem to open up the gates for the brachah and refuah the world desperately needs. This song also features talented vocalist Yosef Kugler who does an excellent job. 

Dai – Mordechai Ben David – We’ve been patiently waiting for a new MBD release for quite a while, and the wait is finally over! Composed by MBD himself and arranged by Yitzy Berry and Eli Klein, this song will quickly have you dancing! 

Closer – Aryeh Kunstler and DJ Kraz – While some may associate Aryeh Kunstler as being in the genre of “Jewish rock,” those following his recent releases can see that Aryeh is actually a pretty diverse artist. This track adds even more diversity to Aryeh’s musical portfolio. “Closer is a collaboration between Aryeh and music producer DJ Kraz, bringing this new single the best of both worlds with Aryeh’s vocals and DJ Kraz’s production skills. After hearing this track, I’m already waiting for their next collaboration!  

Ki Bisimcha – Moshe Aryeh Robinson and Shimshy Golomb – I had the pleasure of producing this track for Moshe Aryeh Robinson and Shimshy Golomb. During a time when even going out to daven with a minyan has become a complicated activity, “Ki Bisimcha” is the perfect reminder that even when we’re stuck inside of our homes, the trees and mountains are outside praising Hashem for everything this world has. 

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