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Welcome back to another edition of Jewish Music 101 – Today I’ll be taking you through the latest and greatest in Jewish Music releases. We’ve got a nice chunk to get through today so let’s get started! 

Shefa – This new album features 10 original tracks featuring Akiva, Mordechai Levovitz and Zelig Steiner. From Upbeat Nigunim to soulful ballads there’s something for everyone on this album! 

Keli – Aryeh Kunstler & Yosef Karduner – Following the release of “Up Like a Lion” Aryeh Kunstler is back and better than ever! This time Aryeh brings us a new track featuring Israeli Singer-Songwriter Yosef Karduner. This track “Keli” is a Tefilla asking for a connection with Hashem and for Mashiach to come speedily. 

Tov Li – Nossin Schwartzberg has made a name for himself over the years performing at countless weddings and being featured on a number of musical projects including The Classic Nochum Stark Sefira Album, as well as The Oorah Shmorg #6. Nossin is getting closer to sharing his debut album with the world but while his fans patiently wait, he has decided to give a preview in the form of this brand new single entitled “Tov Li”. This track composed & arranged by Menachem Klein is a reminder that no matter what offers one may get throughout his life, there is nothing more important than the Torah! This single was produced by friend and fellow vocalist Baruch Naftel (Lazer Productions) with special thanks to associate producer Itchik Schwartz. 

M’sinai Ba – Yaakov Shwekey – Mazel Tov to Yaakov Shwekey on the marriage of his daughter Adele to Yitzy Massry! In honor of the simcha Yaakov has released a special track “M’Sinai Ba” composed by Yitzy Waldner and himself, and produced by Tamir Tzur. Take a listen and you’ll feel the simcha! 

Aish Vol.3 – Abie Rotenberg & Shlomo Simcha – I can’t claim to know anyone who didn’t thoroughly enjoy Aish Volumes 1 & 2, and for fans of Abie Rotenberg and Shlomo Simcha, a new volume has been wished for many times over. Baruch Hashem we can all breathe a sigh of relief for the waiting is finally over! This album produced by superstar Doni Gross features 12 beautiful compositions and some exciting guest vocalists throughout! 

Mechaven Gavoah – Yonatan Shainfeld – Ever since Yonatan started singing as a young boy he has captivated fans with his powerful vocals. Yonatan’s voice has only gotten better with age. This new song which was also written and composed by Yonatan definitely proves that! 

Atoh Echad – Rabbi Yaakov Singer started off his involvement in Jewish Music by being a member of the first Pirchei Choir album. He is also an accomplished Baal Tefilah, davening for the amud in many Shuls throughout the years. Following the release of his debut single “Nodeh Lecho” I was privileged to work on this follow-up single with Reb Yaakov. This song is a reminder of how special it is just to be a member of Klal Yisroel.  

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