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Welcome back to another edition of Jewish music 101! As always, I’ve got some great new releases to share with you. We’ve got a lot of music to get through today, so let’s get started! 

Yesh Li Hakol – Ari Goldwag  – We’ve all been waiting with bated breath for a new release from Ari Goldwag, and the wait is finally over. This album features 15 tracks packed to the brim with amazing arrangements, music, and of course, vocals! This album features special guests such as Dovid Pearlman, Bin Goldman, Moshe Dov Goldwag, and more. 

Min Hameitzar – Avi Mayerfeld  – I had the pleasure of mixing this song, arranged by Ari Berger and performed by Avi Mayerfeld. This song was composed during the height of the pandemic with the hope that it would bring comfort to those still recuperating. With its exciting arrangement and catchy lyrics, you’ll find yourself humming this one throughout the day! 

Strong – Adam Shapiro – Adam’s brand-new song is about keeping it together in rough times, and it is meant to imbue the listener with feelings of encouragement and power. Not only is Strong a masterfully crafted work-of-art, but the modern arrangement and fresh production will capture you from beginning to end. This song is worth a listen (or ten)!

Hu Elokeinu – Rabbi Yaakov Singer – I had the pleasure of producing this new track for Reb Yaakov. While learning with his chavrusa and working together to figure out a difficult gemara, Reb Yaakov composed this song as a reminder to all of us about Who really runs the world. It also sends the message that Hashem has the power to help all of us in every situation. 

The Nanach Collection 4 – MRM Music and Nanach Nation – From MRM Music and Nanach Nation comes the fourth installment in the Nanach collection series! Featuring artists including Dudi Knopfler, Dovid Haziza, Duvid Schwarcz, Sruli Broncher, and Netanel Israel, this CD will definitely get you in the Uman spirit, even if you cannot travel there this year. 

Ahavti – Gavi Recht  – I had the pleasure of producing this song for rising star Gavi Recht. This song was composed by Gavi himself and is a reminder that even in the toughest of times, we always have Hashem watching over us and keeping us safe. 

Father – Tani Polansky – Tani made big waves with his last single, and this one is no different! This song expresses the current feeling that many have but perhaps have trouble verbalizing- the yearning to feel close to Hashem. Tani does an amazing job of putting those emotions into words thereby helping those who listen to feel the connection  and believe that they too can have such a bond with the Almighty.  

The Elul EP – Hillel Kapnick – Last but not least, I’m unbelievably excited to announce a new musical release that has been LONG overdue. This EP (aka extended play meaning more songs than a single but less than a full album) features five songs composed by me, as well as a song composed by singer Baruch Naftel, and by amazing new composer Yudi Teichman. Each song on this EP is geared towards helping you make the most out of Elul – a month filled with teshuvah, tefillah, and of course, lots of simchah!

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