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Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of JM101 where I bring you some of the latest and greatest in current Jewish music! Today we’ll be going through some amazing new releases that will be wonderful additions to your Jewish music collection. Let’s get started! 

Atzabay – Rock Mishpacha – Anyone following the videos released by Rock Mishpacha can clearly see the overwhelming talent (and hard work, practice, and dedication) needed to accomplish all that they are. For those who aren’t familiar, Rock Mishpacha is a band consisting of a father and his children. Rabbi Aaron Ross is the fearless leader of this amazing group, which has released four professional music videos and has finally released a debut single. This was composed by Reb Aaron himself 24 years ago when he first noticed the impact  of technology and predicted how heavily it will impact everyone’s life as time advances. The family went to Doni Gross to produce this track, which will both inspire you, and get you moving!  

Malei – Waterbury Yeshiva – I had the pleasure of co-composing and producing this single along with singer Baruch Naftel for the Yeshiva of Waterbury’s 19th annual dinner. This track features beis medrash bachurim Sruly Rubin and Yosef Kasper. 

Chaver Sheli – Dovid Pearlman – Dovid Pearlman has made quite a name for himself, from being featured on the Miracles album, to  entertaining at concerts throughout the United States. This single, with its exciting arrangement and amazing lyrics, has the perfect combination to  make it an instant hit! This track was produced by Doni Gross and features lyrics by Zvika Bornstein and Dovid himself! 

Power – Yoni Z – Yoni Z has become quite well-known by his fans for releasing inspirational songs with catchy lyrics as well as positive messages that are wrapped up in fun, musical arrangements. This track is no different! “Power” composed by Mordechai Brezel and Yoni with arrangements by Israeli producer Eyal Mazig, is already, and will definitely continue to be, one of this year’s top songs!  

Hakol Mishamayim – Mordechai Shapiro – Mordechai Shapiro, who is busy touring all over the word as one of the most popular Jewish singers of our time, has recently released  a new album called Hakol Mishamayim. A music video was also released for the title track of this album, which was produced by Yitzy Waldner and composed by Mordechai himself! This track features Hebrew lyrics by super talented Israeli lyricist Miriam Israeli, and English lyrics by the super talented American lyricist Chayala Neuhaus. The music was expertly arranged by dynamic duo Daniel Kapler and Ian Freitor and is a great first release off the album. This album features 14 amazing tracks. I would advise you to get your copy ASAP before they’re sold out! 

Always There – Shua Kessin and DJ Izik – Shua Kessin is no stranger to Jewish music. From his debut album  Lo L’hityaeish, to his work with his band Harmonics, Shua has been performing and entertaining audiences for years. Now, Shua is finally back with a new release! This song was composed by Shua and produced by DJ Izik, one of the most highly requested DJ’s at Jewish weddings. The track was mixed by Shmuli Rosenberg.  

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