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Dear Editor,
I really enjoyed reading about Rechyl Weg, the curator and librarian par excellence of the JCCMP library. I brought my kids to check out the library, and Rechyl was most accommodating. She asked my kids what books they enjoy and helped them find similar books on the shelves. She took the time to help them learn how to use the cool virtual reality headsets. Her passion for literacy, knowledge of books, patience, and commitment to the library is evident.
Jacobs Family

Dear Editor,
I love the new addition to the magazine: A Walk in the Park. I can relate to the plight of the mother in the comic who was panicking about not preparing enough food for the long Yom Tov stretch ahead. We always worry that we won’t have enough food and end up eating stuffed cabbage and kreplach until Chanukah. I like her idea of adding a fourth fridge. I’m definitely going to talk to my husband about that!
Mindy S.

Dear Editor,
I used to be just like Yitti Berkovic, nickeling and diming all my expenses and travelling for miles just to save a dollar. I stopped because I realized that I was wasting too much time and energy searching for the next good deal. Our parnassah is predetermined on Rosh Hashanah. I’m not saying you should be wasteful with your money, but you’re not saving that much by rearranging your day just to save a couple of bucks here and there. Support local businesses, pay an extra dollar or two and save your sanity, not your cents.
Gitty F.

Dear Editor,
With everything that’s going on Israel, we are all on edge. We want to help; we want to feel like we are making an impact but don’t know how. Besides for the obvious of davening, giving tzedakah, and sending over necessary supplies to the IDF may I make another suggestion? Please take the time to talk and be cordial to your non-Jewish neighbors. Many of them are uninformed about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and are just going by what they see and hear on social media. I spoke with a neighbor who was shocked that I would send my kids to learn in a county so plagued by violence. I explained to her why as Jews Israel is very important for our survival and I debunked many myths she had about the current war. It was a productive conversation that I hope she will pass on to others. Of course, there will always be haters, but maybe we can do our part to lessen them.
Arelene Z.

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