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Dear Readers,

A rabbi once asked a wealthy individual to visit him at home. The fellow asked him, “Rabbi what is it? You can tell me if it’s money. I’d be happy to give it to you without taking any more of your time.” The Rabbi insisted, “I prefer to meet you in person because it’s so urgent.” When the man came, the Rabbi said, “I have to speak to you about a family in our community that is struggling and needs food for Pesach.” “Sure,” the man said, without hesitation. “To whom do I address the check?” The rabbi responded, “Please write the check out to your brother.”

Sometimes, we don’t even know that our neighbor or friend is struggling financially. We may not know that our child has a classmate whose family can’t make ends meet. They may be close to us, but we’re not aware of their financial burdens. 

Pesach brings so much joy, but it can also exacerbate financial struggles. It is a special time of year to look out for those in our community who need a little extra help to make Yom Tov as festive as it should be. At the JCCMP, we work with our local Rabbanim to make sure families receive that assistance in the most respectful and discreet way, and we thank you all so much for working with us to make that happen.

There’s still time to partner with us to help so many families in our community for Pesach. Please visit the JCCMP website to make that happen.

As I always say: don’t give until it hurts; give until it feels good!

Wishing all our readers a chag kasher v’same‘ach. May we be zoche to the ultimate freedom, and the end to the interminable days of strife in our land, with the arrival of Moshiach!

Warm regards,

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