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Dear Readers,

The war in Israel has been going on for a few months now. It has not only been intense on the fighting front; we are also battling world opinion. At first, the world understood the need to keep a safe border, return hostages, and defeat terror, but as time goes on, the world’s view is starting to shift, and terrorist sympathizers are holding rallies in cities throughout the world, boycotting Pizza Hut, Starbucks, and others for being outspoken, or even for giving free pizza to IDF soldiers.

In a world of social media, we find ourselves in a new dimension, where we not only have to defend a real war but we also have to defend a misinformation war. While all this could be very grim, it’s important to focus on the big picture, which is to keep Israel safe and hopefully, to create a scenario where peace arrives one day. It is a breath of fresh air to see many elected officials, as well as some of the media, speak positively and spread positive messages.

Rabbi Shai Graucher, son of the late singer Dedi, z”l,  has raised millions of dollars to hold events for the Israeli troops, visit people in hospitals and at shivah, and disperse gifts and financial support to show encouragement. We as frum Jews should make sure to stay involved, davening for an end to the war, the return of our brothers and sisters who remain in captivity, and the safety of our soldiers and families who are affected in so many ways.

May we hear soon that this war has ended and that we will inch forward towards real peace, b’ezras Hashem.

Warm regards,

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