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Dear Readers,

It’s an exciting time of year as we look forward to Purim, Pesach, and of course, family time. But for some, it’s a struggle. Here at the JCCMP, we are gearing up for our 15th annual Pesach campaign and distribution of food and gift cards to help ease the burden for more than 300 families. We know that along with the joy of Yom Tov comes added expenses, and they can be overwhelming even for families who can manage during other times of the year. 


In this month’s issue, our therapist addresses another difficulty that some people grapple with during this season: loneliness. Yom Tov can be isolating for some, particularly on Purim, when the streets are filled with celebration, and Pesach, with its magnified focus on family. A friendly invitation can alleviate so much of that pain. 


It may be during this time of year that it’s most essential to look beyond our own homes and families to the needs of others. Partner with us to help as many families as possible by visiting Jccmp.org/donate. 


May Yom Tov be happy and beautiful for all of Klal Yisrael everywhere. 


Warm regards,

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