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Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading about Malkie Knopfler’s career as a comedian in the Jewish world. I agree that parents and teachers can get through to kids more easily with a bit of humor. There is a famous passage in the Talmud (Taanis 22a, B) where Eliyahu Hanavi pointed out to Rabbi Beroka two men who were worthy of Olam Haba. The men told Rabbi Beroka that they were jesters who cheered up the despondent and made peace between people. There is so much power in a smile, and I value people like Malkie who provide that to our community through a kosher platform. 


Dear Editor,

Leah Isaac’s Broccoli Bites and Cornflake Chicken recipes were winners here on Purim. I look forward to her next installment. Keep up the yummy work!

Esty P.

Dear Editor,

As a mother of a child with autism, I see how much my child struggles to learn some of the concepts outlined in Rifka Schonfeld’s article. It can be very challenging to teach concepts like voicing emotions and empathy. I do agree with two of her tips: giving lots of physical affection and showing support when kids are distressed. These are the only ways I am able to help calm my son so he can express himself better in stressful social interactions. 

A Parent

 Dear Editor,

Recently, a new eatery opened in Marine Park while another one posted on social media that is it experiencing financial struggles. Why drive to other neighborhoods when there are so many great establishments right here? It pains me seeing all the for sale signs in the neighborhood. This is a great community. Let’s support our local stores and show them our support so we can keep it thriving.

 Dear Editor,

I know too many adults who suffer from social delays that were not dealt with when they were young. If your child lacks empathy, cannot set boundaries, or can’t

deal with strong emotions, work on those issues now so they don’t define his future.


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