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Dear Editor,

I loved Sarah Einhorn’s article about fun places to take the family over Chol Hamoed Sukkos and Pesach (Issue 94, Places to Go).  May I make a request, please? I would love to see her feature more local places. Not everyone has   access to a car. In our case, my husband must work over Chol Hamoed, and my only source of transportation is bus, train, or my good old two feet. In addition, one of our kids gets carsick, so we try to avoid anything over 45 minutes long. This year, I found that there were plenty of great places to take the kids right here in our borough. Dave & Busters recently opened  at Gateway Drive. I brought my kids there and we had a blast! We also went bowling at Funfest, and we were delighted to find new arcades and games. The owners also made it more festive by dimming the lights and illuminating the place with flashing lights.  COJO hosted an outdoor carnival, which was very good!  Brooklyn has so much to offer. There is no need to escape to New Jersey, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania.

Solomon Family


Dear Editor,

I found Yitti Berkovi’s Pesach column on frogs at the Seder “ribbiting!”  I was cracking up reading about how a frog made it through her front door and was hopping all over her living room. Talk about making the makos come alive! It was a fun and comical read, and I really needed that to get in the right headspace before Pesach. Thank you for the laughs!

Rivka Yusapov

Dear Editor,

I loved how Rabbi Yarmove compared Klal Yisrael to the magnolia tree in last month’s Joining the Marine (Park) Core! column. I too, have a majestic magnolia tree in my backyard and I was thrilled to see its early blossom in March, and I was dismayed to see its premature demise during the seasonal freeze. Rabbi Yarmove showed me a different perspective. Like the magnolia tree, our nations always perseveres despite setbacks, and we will continue to blossom. 

Bracha B. 


Dear Editor,

I am a frequent visitor to TorahAnytime.com, but I never realized how much work goes into it until I read the Business Spotlight interview with founders Shimon and Rubin Kolyakov. Wow! I have newfound respect for them, especially after learning about their humble background and how they are trying to refrain from charging people for this service. It is clear they work solely to promote learning with no self-gain whatsoever. I will continue to visit their site, and I look forward to checking out all their new apps. Keep up the good work, Kolyakov brothers!

Heshy Silverstein

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