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Dear Editor,

I was so impressed with Leah Solomon after reading “For the Students, By the Students” (Issue 90) for starting her tutoring company, which caters to Jewish students. I know there are organizations that offer homework help to public school students, but there is nothing like that offered to yeshivah students. I hope Leah can continue this venture and not only expand to more schools, but maybe even offer help for Jewish college students.  


Dear Editor,

After reading December’s Business Spotlight featuring the two principals of Yeshiva Toras Emes Kamenitz, I walked away with a tremendous feeling of hakaros hatov for all the hard work that rebbeim and menahelim put into teaching our precious children. I think we take it for granted how much effort goes into teaching kids in today’s technology-driven world. We assume it is easy teaching limudei kodesh and that the day is short for these educators, but clearly there is much that goes on behind the scenes that we as parents may not be aware of. After reading the column, it made me reconsider how much I was going to give for our rebbi’s Chanukah gift. 

A Parent

Dear Editor,

In response to “The Smarts of Supermarket Shopping” (Issue 90), I feel for the store managers who have no choice but to raise prices due to manpower and transportation issues, but I am very curious to know: Will prices go back to their original amounts once these issues have been resolved?  I would love to see that happen.

Mr. Kleinerman

Dear Editor,

You know how else the consumer can save money at the supermarket?  Use coupons whenever you can. Many customers don’t take advantage of the potential savings, although in their defense, many stores no longer accept coupons. I hope this is a policy that store managers reconsider, especially considering the current economical climate. 

Leah Elbaz

Dear Editor,

I am an avid pickler, so I just wanted to point out in response to last month’s recipe section that although kosher salt is fine, it is best to use canning or pickling salt. Never use iodized salt.  In addition, I have found that for optimal results it is best to salt the shallots overnight and dry them out before pickling them. 

Judy S.

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