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Dear Editor,

Your editorial in the December 2020 issue hit the simple point of supporting your fellow Jew. It has amazed me over the years that our rabbis do not reiterate this from the pulpit before Chanukah and Passover time. This is common sense; not to consider it a basic concept in bein adam lachaveiro Is mindboggling. Only chessed organizations as yours truly feel for their fellow Yid.

Ben Epstein


Dear Editor,

Please note the error in last month’s Community section. It was written that Rabbi Dr. Jonathan Sacks, zt”l passed away at age 82. He was only 72. In any case, he has left us too early and we have lost an exceptional leader. 


Dear Editor,

I enjoyed reading “Miracles in the Mountains of Greece.” I found Thelma Ergas’ message so important. It is pointless to dwell on the pain in our lives; rather, we should focus on the positives and the miracles bestowed upon us. No doubt that is what helped Thelma overcome her childhood trauma and be able to raise a beautifully family. One aspect of the feature that really stood out to me was the story of her mother setting the Shabbos table (or rock) while they were hiding in the mountains, cold and without any food. The mother had such emunah that Hashem would provide, and He did. I’m sure that was a major takeaway for the Cohen children. It is clear that they have emulated her teachings. 

Libby G.

Dear Editor,

Last month’s Ask the Therapist column could have been written by me. Our household is plagued with the same issue of different discipline styles, which has caused much tension in the marriage. I have struggled with how to deal with this dynamic, but in doing so I only seem to make the problem worse. Rachelie Goldberger’s advice about the “Good Enough Mother” reassured me that the matter is not hopeless. Instead of wasting my time correcting my husband and trying to bring him over to my side, I will now invest my energy into my kids and try to be the best mother I can be. I was thrilled to read that psychologists maintain that children can grow up well-adjusted in such a household as long as they have the support of just one parent. I will continue to provide “the world of magic,” as Rachelie puts it, because I know that I am good enough for them.

A Reader

Dear Editor,

I admire the entrepreneurial spirit exhibited by Eli Hofstatter in last month’s Business Spotlight section. To go from organizing libraries at age 19 to opening a Judaica store a few years later is quite impressive. Surely his passion for books and knowledge of the industry will make his business thrive. I hope he applies that same drive to his other new partnership: his recent marriage. Mazel tov on both accounts!

Berel W.




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