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Dear Editor,

Although we weren’t able to make it there, I really appreciate your Chol Hamoed feature on Newport. The pictures looked beautiful, and perhaps we will go for Chol Hamoed Pesach. The Green Animals Topiary Garden sounds fascinating and I look forward to seeing it in person.



Dear Editor,

I loved seeing the vibrant colors in Tikva Sadik’s paintings in the feature “Work of Art.” Her attention to detail and ability to capture the essence of her subject is remarkable, considering her minimum professional training. I like how she said that we are all made up of mistakes, but in the end that is what makes us beautiful and unique. Oftentimes, it is from mistakes that the best inventions come forth. 

Blima Lichtenstein


Dear Editor,

Especially during these troubling times, it is important to not allow yourself to delve into despair, but rather perk up and smile.  Pinchos Shine made this clear in his column last when he wrote that even a fake smile can do wonders for our health. I used to be the tenant of an elderly couple who were always happy. I figured they had an easy life but found out that they were Holocaust survivors who had lost their entire family during the war. When I asked the wife how she is happy all the time, she replied in her thick Hungarian accent, “What? It’s better to cry? Nobody wants to be around a grouch.” If people like this can muster a smile, so should we.

Yitty S.


Dear Editor, 

When I get The Jewish Echo in the mail, I always turn to the Musings  column first.  In dealing with her husband’s clutter, Berkovic wrote a line last month that made me pause: “We can dig  in our heels all we want, but then we only end up stepping on someone else’s toes.” How profound! Another great article from Berkovic!


Dear Editor,

We are living in turbulent times. I don’t want to get into the whole debate about wearing a mask or whether it is effective. There are arguments on both sides. What I do urge people in our community to do is wear one for the sake of making a Kiddush Hashem. We are under a microscope right now, so even though it can be annoying, and perhaps even useless, put on the mask when you are in public so you don’t feed into the media’s misconception of our community and our people. 

Dovid  W.

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