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Dear Editor,

I was so fascinated by the modern features mentioned in Dovid Teitelbaum’s technological house (September Issue No: 79, “Wired”).   I wish I could have a wall clock that let me know the whereabouts of everyone in my household and shades that go up and down at sunrise and sunset. I wonder what he will come up with next: perhaps a robot that can go around the house and self-clean? It would be great if he could invent that in time for Pesach.          

Michal Stein


Dear Editor,

Dovid Teitelbaum just proves that if you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life. His passion for STEM is exemplary. I admire him for giving back to the community by passing along his knowledge  to young kids and encouraging them to use mechanics and computers to design and invent cool gadgets. He truly made his hobby into a profession. How cool! 



Dear Editor,

“Wired” was a great article! I think it is fantastic that girls today are starting to get more into STEM and  that there are educators available to teach them about coding and technology. This is still a very much untapped  field that could lead to great parnassah in their future careers. I wish more schools would take the initiative, like Lev Bais Yaakov, and offer such courses.

Mrs. Davis


Dear Editor, 

Ita Yankovich’s article on homeschooling gave our family something to think about. If the situation with COVID-19  doesn’t improve in the near future, we may all be finding ourselves homeschooling.  I personally, found the experience of being in charge of my kids’ education very inspiring and fulfilling. I enjoyed having them home from March till September, and frankly, I think they learned more with me than they did in a traditional school.

  1. T.

Dear Editor,

It’s not surprising to me that red states are more into homeschooling than blue states, as stated in “When the Kitchen Table Becomes the Classroom.” These states are typically dominated by Republicans, who disagree with the liberal sway that seems to be trying to dominate this great country of ours.  Look how the DOE is handling this pandemic. The school system is disorganized and divisive, and it is the kids who are being used as pawns to further their own political agenda. Maybe dismantling the DOE (instead of the police force) is a good idea, and we should all consider homeschooling. 

Faigy Gross


Dear Editor,

I can relate very much to September’s Ask the Therapist question. I too, suffered from intense anxiety when my two boys were younger. I would panic every time they were sick, and then the stress  would make me sick as well. I was always running to the pediatrician and looking into specialists to solve issues that I thought I saw. My advice to the mother is that she should relax because it does get better once the kids get older and are able to communicate their symptoms. I found that going for walks, speaking to other mothers, davening, and not obsessively Googling ailments helped me out a lot. Good luck and hang in there. It does get easier!

Chaya Shmuelevitz


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