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Dear Editor,

I found myself smirking as I read “Wheels: Anatomy of a Carpool” in last month’s magazine (Vol. 2, Issue 50). I guess my experience doing Monday and Wednesday carpool pickup was not as unique as I originally thought.  I used to vent to my husband each week about our own “Diva,” “Latecomer” and “Favor Taker,” but the truth of the matter is, now that my kids are older and don’t need carpool anymore, I actually miss it. I miss the chaos of the rush and being referee to four rambunctious kids. It was during carpool that I got to hear the rundown of the day and all the little details about who did what in school.  All in all, many valuable lessons were applied and learned thanks to our carpool and we will all cherish the memories we formed driving, yelling,and  laughing down Ocean Parkway.

Mrs. Gold


Dear Editor,

Yitti Berkovic‘s “What If?” really resonated with me as a parent of a special needs child myself. Occasionally, I too will fall into the trap of wondering what life would be like if my son wasn’t born with his disability. This used to send me down a downward spiral of depression as I watched others around me  get nachas from their children’s  academic accomplishments, plays,  recitals, and other  typical milestones  achieved by just growing up “normal.” But like Ms. Berkovic, I wouldn’t change anything about my son, including his diagnosis. He may have his delays, but he is growing up to be one fine human being.  He has overcome so much and has such a giving nature. I couldn’t be prouder.

Mom of Autistic Child


Dear Editor,

Can I share my two cents on “Penny for your Thoughts”? I think we should do away with the penny.  The fact that it costs more to manufacture than what the coin is actually worth is telling enough, but even more so is the observation that most people will walk right on by when seeing a dropped penny on the floor. Consumers today are in a rush, and the trend is digital payment. I think checks will be next on the chopping block.

M. Halpern


Dear Editor,

So pennies are useless, huh? Tell that to the bank teller who just this past weekend deposited close to $100 in the form of pennies (and some other coins) that I have been saving and collecting for the past few years.

S. Sanders


Dear Editor,

I just wanted to say thank you for running such a beautiful Mother-Daughter Challah Bake last month. I participated with my daughter, and we had such a good time. The event was very organized and moving. We’re already looking forward to next year’s bake!

R. Y.

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