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In this month’s issue, we continue to follow the Dershowitz family’s story of Aliyah to Eretz Yisrael. While we had planned to share that with you, no one was prepared for what that conversation would look like: adjusting to life during a war. Five weeks into their new life, a brutal massacre was carried out by terrorists on Simchas Torah, and Israel was thrust into a war against the cruelest reshaim. And yet, as you read Dershowitz’s story, what emerges is a story of faith, of love for the land and our people.

You will also read the story of Beth Popp Meiri, a mother in our community, whose son Yonatan is currently sitting in an undisclosed location on the Gaza border, where he is a tank commander as a reservist in the IDF. Her younger son Binyamin is currently in a Hesder yeshiva close to the border. What do we hear from a woman whose sons are in a warzone? She is actively raising money for equipment for Yonatan’s unit. She is davening. And she has faith.

These stories highlight the stark contrast between the united and uplifting spirit of the Jewish people and the terrorists who seek to destroy us. While the family making Aliyah and the mother of a Chayal exemplify our achdus and faith, the terrorists represent a destructive force fueled by hatred and a desire to annihilate.

We are so fortunate to be part of am Yisrael, to tap into the nitzchiyus that defines us and allows us to prevail over our worst enemies.

Please daven for the safety of Yonatan Meir b-n Gitel Bat Sheva and Binyamin Asher b-n Gitel Bat Sheva along with the sons and daughters of every other mother whose child is in harm’s way right now. Let’s keep davening for the safety of all of acheinu bnei Yisrael and for the end of this very long galus bimheira b’yamenu.

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