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Dear Readers,

The US Congress selected its new democratic leader, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries from Marine Park. I remember when Hakeem first ran for Congress and was a member of the NYS Assembly. He was nice, articulate, and relatively unknown to the greater public. The community took a lot of interest in helping Hakeem succeed as there was a very vocal NYC councilmember running against Hakeem with a record of saying many things against Jewish people and the community. I attended more than one meeting and hosted another to try to help get the word out and get Hakeem elected. It was a great moment when he won the bid for Congress. Hakeem has been working hard, representing our community and beyond, and has now been recognized and chosen to be the Democratic leader of Congress, which brings additional pride to our community regardless of which side of the aisle you belong to.

Politics has become very divisive, but sometimes, we can respectfully disagree and still appreciate a local representative receiving national recognition.

As we enter Kislev, I would like to wish you a wonderful Chanukah. May we merit to experience miracles today as we did back then. 

Warm regards,

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