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Dear Readers,

We’re starting a new year, and with that comes new resolutions. I once heard the following in the name of the Rabbi of Shinyov, zt”l:  We see that when people start something new, they have vigor, determination, and excitement.  So, why do we say that all beginnings are difficult?  Instead of reading the Hebrew phrase “kol haschalos kashos” in its literal meaning of “all beginnings are difficult”, we should read it as “kol” – all, or everything – “haschalos kashos” should be as exciting as a new start. We should treat everything we do as a new start. Sometimes, it’s easy to start something because we have all the excitement, but it’s very difficult to see it through because our enthusiasm wanes. We just have to remember to hold onto the vigor and excitement we had at the start in order to see things through, and then we will have the satisfaction that we anticipated when we started.

We at the JCCMP / JCON Conferences are starting something new. We are working in tandem with universities to bring higher education courses to the community as well as certificate and vocational courses for people who do not want to complete higher education but want to start in specific industries such as construction, real estate, and e-commerce. We hope to be rolling out these programs over the coming months to really benefit the greater community

In other exciting news, the construction for the library is nearly complete, and we hope to open up to the public before the end of the year, with Hashem’s help. 

May our collective enthusiasm with these projects remain as fresh as they are now, at their outset, for the benefit of our entire community. And may all of you readers merit to reap success in every new beginning, this year and always! 

Wishing everyone a great sweet new year!


Warm regards,

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