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Dear Readers, 

Who would have believed a year ago that major companies in America would be fully operational online instead of in traditional offices? Who would have accepted that all meetings could be conducted over Zoom? This is our new reality. These days, so many people are working from home that many companies have decided to give up their offices. Although there are some issues with this new mode of working, such as a potential decline in productivity and missing out on a collective environment to brainstorm together, there are the benefits of saving time and money on the commute. 

Here at the JCCMP, we appreciate using a virtual platform for the multiple courses we offer, so that many more people can join without having to carve out extra time in their schedules or figure out which location works best for them. Since the beginning of this pandemic, we have done a number of online courses and webinars. To date, over 350 people have signed up to join these programs. 

This month, we will be starting another 60-hour course covering QuickBooks, Word, and Excel, as well as time management and business planning. We’ve received great feedback from past participants. You may want to consider joining our next round of upcoming courses, which are beneficial for individuals and small businesses. Please feel free to visit our website for more information.

Let’s continue to work together to find creative ways to grow even when we are faced with obstacles.  

Warm regards, 



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