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Dear Readers,

Now that the Yamim Tovim are over, we all returned to our normal schedules once again. What I miss most about the Yamim Tovim is the time I get to spend with my loved ones in an “electronics-free zone.” I was in Israel with my family over Sukkos, where I observed that others who came to spend the holidays in the Holy Land only kept one day of the chag. At first, I thought that was such an advantage, because they could now partake in an extra day of travel, trips, and access to their phones, but after thinking about it, I was very happy to keep an extra day without being glued to our devices or having to run around.  This second day of chag allowed us to spend the day talking, taking walks, and davening together. I’ve spoken to people I work with who aren’t Jewish and they also try to do this by turning their phones off on Saturdays or Sundays when taking their families out for the day, so as not to be distracted and spend quality time together. 

Let’s take advantage of our phone-free times on days like Shabbos, and make a commitment to spend quality time talking and engaging with our children. 

Warm Regards,

Shea Rubenstein


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