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Dear Readers,

Welcome back! Whether you’re returning from camp, vacation, or the Catskills, it’s always exciting to come back to the city and prepare for school, work, and Yom Tov. The JCC is celebrating the back-to-school season with a street fair on Monday, September 2.  The highly-anticipated event will offer participants an abundance of treats including cotton candy, popcorn, free entertainment, as well as free knapsacks filled with much needed school supplies for the children. 

As we prepare for all the upcoming Yamim Tovim, I’m reminded of a comical story I’d like to share. An attorney defending a case in Tallahassee, Florida explained to the judge that he couldn’t appear for a specific day of the trial because it was the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. The judge understood and said, “How about we meet next Tuesday?” to which the attorney responded, “That day is Yom Kippur.”  “Fine,” said the judge. “How about the following Monday?” At this point, the attorney did not know how to explain yet another Jewish holiday, Sukkos, to the patient judge. Even some of his Jewish colleagues weren’t familiar with Sukkos. He turned back to the judge and said, “Never mind. I am having surgery during the entire months of September and October!”

It’s true that we’re back, but between all the upcoming Yamim Tovim, expect a lot of additional rest (unless you’re the one cooking!).

Warm Regards,



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