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Dear Editor,


Love your magazine! Keep up the great work! I wish to respond to Ita Yankovich’s article, Rage on Wage (vol. 2 issue 48). The article was very good and raises some important questions. I wish to add my two cents. I strongly believe that raising the minimum wage is NOT a good idea.  I have been on public assistance for many years as a single parent. Through much hard work, I have been managing to get by every month. A few months back, my boss gave our entire department a raise due to federal guidelines and now, because I earn $16 a month more than before, I was deemed ineligible for benefits. This has created a whirlwind of issues for me. I have tried to appeal and lost. I begged my boss to give me back my previous salary, but he said he cannot for legal reasons. I wish he had the option to give me something else instead of more money, like better hours or more vacation. Now I am truly poor and drowning. Raising the wages for workers should be up to the boss, not the government.



Dear Editor,


I totally agree with Dovid’s  Letter to the Editor last month where he was venting about people not using their driveways to park their cars, opting to take up valuable and limited public spots. I have this issue on my block as well, and I live on the same block as a school, so come September you can imagine how impossible it is to find a vacancy. I wish everyone would just be more understanding of others. Recently, there was sad, local news of a young Jewish man, Omari Dahan (23), who was stabbed to death over a parking place in front of his home in Bergen Beach. It seems someone blocked his driveway refusing to move. He was trying to help his elderly father deal with the dispute, when the driver pulled out a knife stabbing Dahan in the chest, ultimately killing him. Is this what it’s going to take for us to wake up!? Please be considerate of other people’s spaces, and if you have a driveway, please use it!


Leebah H.

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