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Dear Editor,

The sentiments expressed by Shea Rubenstein and Rabbi Jonathan Gewirtz in the Pesach issue are so poignant and need to be reiterated. Baruch Hashem, many families had the opportunity to go away for Pesach, even to exotic destinations. I am not judging. Go and be b’simchah with your loved ones, gezunterheit. The point they make is don’t leave your brethren behind.  Maybe your neighbors aren’t so fortunate. Maybe they are struggling to buy basic staples and cannot afford to take their kids on Chol Hamoed trips. If you are able to afford something extravagant for your family, remember others as well and donate to worthy projects like Machal or Masbia, so they can enjoy the chag too.

If I could give both authors a standing ovation, I would. 

A Marine Park Resident


Dear Editor,

The Egypt article was a great read! I loved the photos of the pyramids and want to thank you for making us feel like we were part of his adventure. I was struck by how a country so tourist-friendly has practically no Jewish presence, not even a Chabad house! The fact that the author felt the need to conceal his Jewishness makes me very sad. Egypt should embrace and disclose the impact the Jewish nation had on their country –  it will surely just spike their tourism revenue. I know for that for me, any place I cannot travel to as a visible Jew is a place I do not belong. 

Irving Stamm


Dear Editor,

I was cracking up reading about the COVID Pesach disaster! I’m hoping some of that was hyperbolic, but either way, it was a good comedic break in my Pesach cleaning.

Chavie Adler


Dear Editor,  

I loved the Japanese Chicken recipe in last month’s recipe section. It was easy and super convenient. I made the nuggets and sauce in advance before a family outing so we could have a quick dinner. The 3-Ingredient Roast was a hit, too. Thank you, and keep them coming!  

Dina S.


Dear Editor,

Please have Yitty Berkovic update us on how her Pesach ended up after inviting three of her husband’s siblings to stay with her family for Yom Tov. We are invested in her story and want to know how it turned out in the end. Did she freak out? Did the nephews jump on the couch? Did the men leave their hats and jackets strewn over the table? Inquiring readers demand answers!

Ladies of Burnett Street

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