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Dear Readers, 

The shelves are lined with colorful volumes. The books are catalogued and ready to be scanned. Bright yellow chairs await eager readers. 

It’s been months of work, but the library looks even more beautiful than its renderings. We’re not yet ready to open our doors, but we’re almost there. There are so many details involved, far more than we anticipated, and hours of concentrated effort from our dedicated staff. 

Reading opens worlds and expands minds. Reading Jewish books enforces our values and secures our focus. To have a place where readers can pick up any book and know it will contain the right messages is priceless.

The display of books in our new library is breathtaking, especially to the bookworms among us, but really, the library is about so much more than just books. Like everything else we do at the JCCMP, our new library is about community. It’s a place that will allow us to educate, gather, and share. To be proud of who we are, and to transmit that mesorah to the next generation. 

We are still in mourning for the recent loss of a tremendous Gadol, HaRav Gershon Edelstein, zt”l. Perhaps in his absence it is even more incumbent upon us to cherish and transmit the values that set us apart and make us who we are, so we can be stronger and even more united in our faith. 

As summer sets in, I’d like to thank each of you for your continued support of all our projects here at the JCCMP, especially this newest and most exciting one to date. As you embark on your summer adventures, we will be here, preparing to open our doors and eagerly awaiting your return.


Warm Regards,

Shea Rubenstein

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