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L’zchus Refuah Shelaima for
Alter Mordechai Tzvi ben Eka Breina

11/22 – Mr. and Mrs. Azarya and Sara Feig on the birth of a girl! Special mazel tov to the entire Feig, Goldman, Hardt, Buckman, Reisman, Press, and Katz families!
11/29 – Rabbi and Rebbetzin Michoel and Shoshana Feig on the birth of a second red-headed maydella! A special mazel tov to the entire Feig, Citron, Hardt, Buckman, Reisman, Press, Goldman, Katz, Adams, Berger, Ceder, and Mizrachi families!
12/8 – Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzi and Chavie Marcus on becoming grandparents on the birth of a grandson! Also to the parents Mr. and Mrs. Gershon and Elisheva Feuer!

Bar/ Bas Mitzvah:
11/26 – Mr. Tzvi Kreitner on Gavi’s bar mitzvah!
11/30 – Mr. and Mrs. Tzvi and Faigy Yifat on Sruli’s putting on tefillin!
12/6 – Mr. and Mrs. Avromi and Adi Brown on Yaakov’s putting on tefillin!
12/11 – Rabbi and Mrs. Avromi and Penina Neiman on Meir Simcha’s bar mitzvah!
12/10 – Mr. and Mrs. Dovi and Racheli Rubinstein on Kalman’s bar mitzvah!
1218-Mr. and Mrs.David and Yaffa Shillman on Daniel’s bar mitzvah!

Engagements/ Weddings
11/23 – Mr. and Mrs. Evan and Robin Glanzman on Aviva’s recent marriage to TJ Liebes! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Gedalia and Malky Liebes!
11/24 – Mr. and Mrs. Yitz and Chana Ettlinger on Yossi’s engagement to Bluma Kaufman! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Heshy and Toby Kaufman!
11/25 – Mr. and Mrs. Issac and Lori Alon on Eliana’s engagement to Yacov David from Ramat Bet Shemesh! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Dovid and Lizzy David!
12/15 – Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov and Shaindy Ziegler on Penina’s engagement!
12/29- Mr. and Mrs. Michoel and Susie Spitzer on their son’s Shlomo’s marriage to Rochel Cohen.
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