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L’Zecher Nishmas Alter Mordechai Tzvi ben Yitzchak Isaac
2/29 – Rabbi and Mrs. Asher and Shalva Schiffenbauer on the birth of a boy! Also to grandparents Rabbi and Rebbetzin Benzion and Chany Schiffenbauer! And to Drs. Dovid and Ilana Goldschein!
3/4 – Mr. and Mrs. Benzi and Sari Herskovic on the birth of a boy!
3/5 – Mr. and Mrs. Sruli Sternheim on the birth of a girl!
3/8 – Mr. and Mrs. Dovi and Tzipora Vachss on the birth of a boy! Also to both grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Meir and Perrie Vachss, and Mr. and Mrs. Heshy and Ruchie Langer!
3/15 – Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Tuchinsky on the birth of a girl!
3/15 – Dr. and Mrs. Elimelech and Raizel Wagshall on the birth of a granddaughter! Also to parents Rabbi and Mrs. Tzvi Menachem and Penina Martin! And to grandparents, Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Martin!
3/22 – Mr. and Mrs. Yefet and Tiri Sharabi on the birth of a boy!

3/16 – Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Dovid and Chani Stahl on Abie’s bar mitzvah!
3/22 – Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov and Esti Sussman on Aharon and Shlomo’s putting on tefillin!
2/29 – Mr. and Mrs. Moshe and Tzivie Strimber on Binyomin’s engagement to Ahuva Raitzik of Lakewood! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Shabsi and Perel Raitzik!
3/4 – Mr. and Mrs. Gershon Menzer on Binyomin’s recent marriage to Chava Klein! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Meir Tzvi Klein!
3/5 – Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda and Tammy Hyman on Avraham’s engagement to Chani Miller of Queens! Also to Moshe and Aviva Miller!
3/10 – Mr. and Mrs. Zalmen and Menucha Worcman on Nechemia’s recent marriage to Aliza Feder! Also to, Mr. and Mrs. Heshy and Nechama Feder!
3/7 – Rabbi and Rebbetzin Nachman Yosef Twersky on a granddaughter’s engagement!
3/14 – Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel and Tzirel Lasker on Shana’s engagement to Moshe Lazewnik of Dallas!!
3/14 – Mr. and Mrs. Lipa and Esther Fried on Malka’s engagement to Shmuel Slotchiver! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Ezra and Gila Slotchiver!
3/18 – Mr. and Mrs. Shuie and Hindy Feldberg on Esti’s recent marriage to Avi Davidovici! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Sruli and Rifky Davidovici!
3/19 – Mr. and Mrs. Keith Preston and Eileen Patricia Kaplan on Chase’s recent marriage to Tehila Widenbaum! Also to Mrs. Leba Perel Widenbaum!
3/27 – Mr. and Mrs. Binyamin and Jennifer Klein on Chana Esther’s engagement to Avrumi Sternheim!
3/27 – Mr. and Mrs. Yisacher and Shana Feldberg on Shima’s recent marriage to Yisroel Grumet! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Binyamin and Chaike Grumet!
3/31 – Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Giladi on Sarit’s recent marriage to Chaim Grush from Mill Basin!
4/2 – Mr. and Mrs. Shmully and Hindy Zand on Chava’s recent marriage to Aharon Weinstock! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Eli and Sury Weinstock!
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