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L’zchus Refuah Shelaima for Alter Mordechai Tzvi ben Eka Breina



8/25 – Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom Ber Mendelson on the birth of a boy!
9/9 – Mr. and Mrs. Efroim and Malky Fasten on a grandson’s birth! Also to the parents Mr. and Mrs. Yitzchok and Goldie Goldner! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Ari and Tzirel Estie Goldner!
9/12 – Mr. and Mrs. Dovid and Aliza Lehrer on the birth of a boy!
9/15 – Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov and Rana Reisman on the birth of a grandson! Also to the parents Rabbi and Mrs. Yosef and Adina Reisman! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Beril and Debbie Schmookler! Special mazel tov to the entire Reisman, Schmookler, Buckman, Feig and Hardt families!
9/23 – Mr. and Mrs. Nechemia and Nechie Bochner on the birth of a boy!
10/1 – Rabbi and Mrs. Shem Shalom and Sheva Rokeach on a girl’s birth! Special mazel tov to Rabbi and Rebbetzin Zvi Elimelech and Sari Rokeach!
10/4 – Mr. and Mrs. Shamshon and Bassi Pinter on the birth of a boy! Also to the grandparents Rabbi and Mrs. Tzvi Pinter!
10/7 – Mr. and Mrs. Akiva and Liat Buckman on the birth of a girl! Special mazel tov to grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Ira and Joyce Buckman and the entire Buckman, Flank, Reisman, Feig and Hardt families!


8/2 – Mr. and Mrs. Avi and Yonah Neuhoff on Yechezkel Dov’s bar mitzvah!
8/28 – Mr. and Mrs. Shloimy and Baila Zafir on Eli’s bar mitzvah!
8/28 – Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Leia Rokeach on Aryeh’s bar mitzvah!
8/28 – Mr. and Mrs. Effy Lowy on Moshe’s bar mitzvah!
9/10 – Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda Srour on Yisroel Menachem’s bar mitzvah!
9/25 – Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda and Gila Kerper on Yossi’s bar mitzvah!
10/17-Mr. and Mrs. Ari and Chani Grunberger on Yehuda’s bar mitzvah!


8/20 – Mr. and Mrs. Uri and Golda Deblinger on Yitzy’s engagement!
8/22 – Mr. and Mrs. Evan and Robin Glanzman on Aviva’s engagement to TJ Liebes! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Gedalia and Malky Liebes!
8/25 – Mr. and Mrs. Uri and Faigie Schwartz on Shaindy’s engagement to Moishe Kipperman!
10/5 – Rabbi and Mrs. Arthur and Aviva Marks on Devorah’s recent marriage to Eli Lehman!
10/6 – Mr. and Mrs. Yoni and Hessy Goldberg on Esther’s engagement to Yossi Eherenfeld!
10/11 – Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Slomowitz on Esther’s engagement to Sruli Schiller!
10/11 – Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Kipperman on Devorah’s engagement to Yitzchok Rand!
10/12 – Mr. and Mrs. Simcha and Bracha Schonfeld on Michal’s recent marriage to Chaim Simon! Also to, Rabbi and Mrs. Shlomo Simon!


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