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Refuah Shelaima for Alter Mordechai Tzvi ben Eka Breina


1/13 – Mr. and Mrs. Raffi and Miri Nathan on the birth of a boy! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Pesach and Miriam Nathan, and Mr. and Mrs. Nathan and Kayla Cynamon!
1/19 – Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs on the birth of a boy!
1/26 – Rabbi and Mrs. Yitzi and Chavie Marcus on the birth of a grandson! Also to the parents Mr. and Mrs. Gershon and Elisheva Feuer!
1/31 – Mr. and Mrs. Dovid and Rivki Schloss on the birth of a grandson! Also to parents Mr. and Mrs. Yona and Miriam Schuster! And to grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Shmuel and Chaya Schuster!
2/7 – Mr. and Mrs. Tzvi and Faigy Yifat on the birth of a boy!


1/6 – Rabbi and Mrs. Nati and Yael Saadon on Chagi’s bar mitzvah!
1/13 – Mr. and Mrs. Yitzi Katz on Yehoshua’s bar mitzvah!
1/22 – Mr. and Mrs. Elimelech Price on Noach’s bar mitzvah!
1/24 – Rabbi and Mrs. Yosef Segal on Azriel’s bar mitzvah!

1/13 – Mr. and Mrs. David and Goldie Nathan on Rikki’s recent marriage to Chaim Tahan!
1/27 – Mr. and Mrs. Yaakov and Shaindy Ziegler on Adina’s recent marriage to Azarya Misonzhnik!
2/2 – Mr. and Mrs. Mordechai and Ellie Basch on Baruch’s engagement to Sarala Rosenblatt of Lakewood!
2/2 – Rabbi and Rebbetzin Mordechai Rokeach on their grandson Shimi Low of London’s engagement to Mimi Weiss of Yerushalayim!
2/3 – Dr. and Mrs. Dani and Rochel Hollander on Rivki’s recent marriage to Meyer Lew! Also to Mr. and Mrs. Pinchas and Chaya Lew!
2/3 – Rabbi and Mrs. Nissim Lazari on their son’s recent marriage!
2/9 – Mr. and Mrs. Yehuda Liberman on Binyomin’s recent marriage to Rachel Thau! Also to, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thau, and to, Mrs. Shira Thau!
2/9 – Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Lieberman on Hadassah’s engagement to Mordechai Stern!

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