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Packing Mitzvos For Pesach: JCCMP Food Distribution

On Sunday, April 7, hundreds of volunteers from the area took time out of their busy pre-Pesach planning to stop by  Merkaz Yisroel / Marine Park Jewish Center and devote their time to packing, sorting, distributing, and shipping much needed boxes of food to over 200 local families in need so that they can have enjoy the holiday without fear of going without. The boxes were filled with holiday food staples including potatoes, onions, carrots,  apples, oranges, ketchup, spices, potato starch, grape juice and cookies and candies, just to name a few.  The day of chessed  was made possible by the Jewish Community Council of Marine Park and planning for this $100,000 event starts back in December.  The JCCMP also generously included gift cards donated by Dov Bauman of Glatt Mart  so that the families can purchase meat and other holiday food essentials.  Elected officials including Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein, Councilman Chaim Deutsch, Alan Maisel Senator Andrew Gounardes, and Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte and Assmeblywoman Jamie Williams  joined in to show support and lend a helping hand. The JCCMP would like to thank  Met Council and CEO David Greenfield for cosponsoring the event togehter with JCCMP’s Pesach Coordinator Menucha Worcman and Avi Krakauer, assistant executive director of the JCCMP, Gershon from Supermarket of Ave. N, David Freidman, Matis Sofer of Frozen Quality Foods,  UJA, and Merkaz Yisroel and its president Elan Kornblum,  for allowing them  to use their space for this day of giveback. Last but not least, a big than kyou goes out to all the donors and volunteers. 

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