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How Do You Support Israel? 


All I can do is daven. I am a mother of young kids, so I don’t have the option of travelling to Israel to volunteer.  I don’t really have the ability to donate any substantial amount of money. All I can do is pray for the hostages, the IDF, and all our Israeli brothers and sisters, and hope this ends soon.



My son, my bechor, is currently a lone solider serving in the IDF. I have trouble sleeping at night (and functioning during the day) because I am so worried about him.  I am proud of what he is doing, but this is a big sacrifice for me. 



I donate to several organizations. I also was part of a group that collected supplies like helmets, boots, and coats for IDF soldiers.  


Batya Suleman


My kids and I made cards to send to Israel with words of hope and encouragement. It may not be much, but I was told it does a lot to boost morale.

Chava Azar


I write letters to members of Congress and to senators urging them to continue supporting Israel and increasing military aid. I send letters thanking elected officials who are known to be outspoken allies of Israel.  I am also vocal in my support for Israel on all my social media accounts.

Elliot P.


I have many relatives living in Israel, and I know that the economy is suffering because of the war. I send them monthly payments to help cover their rent and other expenses.



Back in October, I went around Marine Park and posted fliers of the hostages to raise awareness.

Nachman W. 


I’m joining a solidarity mission to Israel. I would like to help pick fruit and vegetables, visit hospitals, cheer up displaced kids, and help prepare food for chayalim

Eli L.

I donate to Zaka, Standing Together, and Hatzalah in Israel. I also helped send specific supplies that are requested by IDF units, such as thermal helmets and boxes of combat gauze.

C. G.


I am part of an organization that sends nice layettes to new mothers whose husbands are currently serving in the war.

L. M.


While on a solidarity mission to Israel with YU, we held nightly barbeques for the chayalim. They often live off cans of tuna, peanut butter, and granola bars, so burgers and hotdogs were a special treat.



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