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What Do You Look Forward to Most on Pesach? 


Seeing relatives from out of state that I don’t get to see all year. 

Akiva R.


Trying out recipes from new cookbooks. I spend so much time in the kitchen, why not try something different?                                                                                             

Henchy M.


Staying up way past my bedtime! 

Zev S. (age 11)


Going to the toy store to pick out my afikoman present. 

Avi S. (age 8)


When the house is all clean, the table is set, and I’m surrounded by my children and grandchildren.   

Faigy Freedman


Seeing Eliyahu Hanavi walking through my door and ushering in Moshiach.   

Ita Y.


The first taste of matzah. There is nothing more delicious than that simple taste during the Seder. 

Mendy R.


Eating foods that I don’t eat during the year, like macaroons, ladyfingers, and homemade borsht. 

Rachel P. 


Singing the songs of the Haggadah together. 

 Levinson Family


Chol Hamoed trips. We still haven’t been to American Dream Mall, and I’m hoping that this year we can finally go. 

Brachah M.



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