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How Do You Work on Your Emunah?

I heard that reciting Parshas Haazinu is a segulah for emunah.
Eli R.

I talk it out. Depending on what I am going though, I seek out others who are pillars of strength. Sometimes this is my local Rebbetzin, relative, friend, or a Holocaust survivor (I am always reminded that they have been through much worse than me yet have their emunah intact, so what’s my pathetic excuse?). I feel like just saying aloud that I am struggling and acknowledging it helps me to get back on track.
Chavie F.

A few years ago, I thought Hashem had abandoned me. I had a miscarriage and both my parents passed away (unexpectedly) within that same year. It was just bad thing after bad thing. A friend saw that I was going through a very troubling time and gave me some books to read to help me through it. Here are the three that I found most helpful: Garden of Emunah by Rabbi Shalom Arush, Why G-d Why? By Rabbi Gershon Schusterman, Chizik by Rabbi Eliezer Park off, and Trust Me by Rabbi Eliezer Park off. If anyone is going through a hard time, I hope this helps them too.

I work on my emunah by concentrating on my davening. I prefer davening with a siddur that is transliterated so I can focus on each and every work and know exactly what I’m saying. The teffilos of Ashrei, Hallel, Shemonei Esrei, and the Brachos Hashachar have always been so powerful to me. I also find that saying Tehillim is a good source of emunah. Hearing what David Hamelech endured and how he always maintained his steadfast belief in Hashem is a great source of strength for me.
Joseph Liptman

I talk to Hashem like I am talking to a loving father. I spill my heart out to Him and share my thoughts and struggles. Sometimes I cannot relate to the words in the siddur, so I find that I speak to Hashem in my own language. I always feel better afterwords.
Sharon Massre
I am lucky to live in Eretz Yisrael, so every time I feel like my emunuah needs a jumpstart, I make a trip to the Kosel.
Kayla Adi

I listen to shiurim on emunah. I really like Rabbi YY Jacobson, Rabbi Paysach Krohn, Rabbi Yisroel Reisman, and I also listen to tapes of Rabbi Avigdor Miller.
Yitzy S.

I find that when my emunah is wavering, I focus on all the good that Hashem has brought into my life. I have my health, a dedicated wife, the most amazing three kids, a secure job, a decent house, and I live in a secure country. What do I have to complain about? Look at the good and not the bad.

M. R.

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