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What’s your favorite mishloach manos?


Anything Reisman’s! I love their whole line. Everything from their brownie bars, jumbo sprinkle cookies, rainbow cake, black and whites, to their chocolate and cinnamon sliced babka is just perfect.  You can’t go wrong with Reisman’s baked goods. I also love that unlike other bakeries, they make hamantashen all year round. OMG, the raspberry flavor! 

 Devorie Gerber


Presidor wafer rolls. It’s an item that I only eat on Purim. Even though it’s available all year round,  I don’t purchase it because then I would gain tons of weight, so it’s my special Purim treat. 

Chava G.


I can tell you what I DON’T like: anything homemade. I’m sorry to say, but it goes straight into the trash. I feel bad because I can tell a lot of thought and time went into making these custom and sometimes themed centered pastries, but the fact is I don’t know people’s level of kashrus, cleanliness, or who is sick in their house.  


Miniature Gefen grape juice that comes in those greenish tinted glass bottles.  They taste especially delicious when chilled. I only seem to find them this time of year. They are so cute, and I feel so fancy drinking out of them. 

Menachem Oppenheimer


I like getting the unconventional stuff.  We all get plenty of sweets, nosh, snack, and junk, but when someone gives me something unique, that always intrigues me. For example, one year I got a hot pastrami sandwich. That was awesome because it made for a very filling lunch. Another year, someone gave me a can of tuna: again, strange, but useful. 

Alex P.


Jelly rings. Those things are so addictive. They are like Pringles; once you pop, you just can’t stop. 

Meir Fromer


A can of soda because normally my mother doesn’t allow soda in the house, but on Purim she can’t say anything because it’s a mitzvah to enjoy the mishloach manos. 

Yossi Weiss (6 years old) 


I don’t really care about the contents of the mishloach manos since I don’t eat most of the junk food anyways, but I do appreciate the packaging. It’s really cute when people are really invested in their theme. Sometimes the containers are so elegant that I use them for display all year round. One year, I received a really impressive gold and white ceramic dish/bowl.  I could tell it was really good quality. I use now as a potpourri holder on my foyer table. 

Raizy Glickman




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