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What Do You Do on Motzoei Shabbos?


We visit the grandparents. One week we visit Sabba and Savta, and the next week it’s Bubby and Zeidy. The kids adore them and love to bring over anything they made in school and share with them what they are currently learning. Let’s just say, we also walk away very well fed.  

Tali Shafer

Clean. I have a sink full of dishes soaking from all of our Shabbos meals, a load of laundry to wash, sticky floors to sweep, and I have to get the kids’ briefcases, clothes, and stuff ready for school the next day. Exciting stuff, right?

Raizy Gluckman

We have family movie night. There are not many places to go to this year, so we cuddle up together under an extra-large fleece blanket and pop in a DVD. 

The Engel family

Work. I work in a bakery and Motzoei Shabbos is a very busy night for us because we have to clean out inventory that wasn’t sold on Friday and begin baking fresh pastries and bread for the new week. 

David A.

We used to different frequent pizza stores every Motzoei Shabbos, but I am not sure what we will be doing now that Shabbos ends early and stores are not fully open. Maybe we should learn how to make our own pizza?


Alona Kreizman

We attend an Avos U’banim program in our shul. We look forward to it the entire week. Each week a different boy gives a dvar Torah on that week’s parashah. We get to eat pizza and fries, and in the end someone wins the grand prize, which is always a cool toy or game.  

 Avraham and Zevi Yankovich

My friend and I walk the circle in Marine Park so we can burn off all the calories from the cholent and potato kugel we devoured. It’s a good therapy session and a way to catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives.   

Miriam Aminov

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