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What are you self-improvement goals for this year?

To be dan l’ chaf zechus. Instead of jumping to conclusions, I want to try to judge others more favorably, or better yet, simply stay out of their business.  What other people do or say should not be my concern. I will focus more on myself and less on other people. Dina Nueman

Patience. I need to have more patience with my kids, spouse, relatives, co-workers,  drivers, and even myself. We live in a society of immediate gratification, and I want to learn how to slow down and not lose my cool.  I don’t like that I resort to yelling when I want my kids to do their chores. I don’t like that when I am cross with my spouse, instead of communicating, I resort to being snarky and sarcastic. In dealing with my co-workers, I know that having more patience will improve productivity. I will count to 10 and breathe instead of getting nasty with fellow drivers on the road.  I also have to have more self-patience and not be so hard on myself. If I failed today, that is ok, I’ll get better tomorrow. Ayallah Eidelman

I’d like to be more careful about lashon hara and refrain from being around people who engage in gossip.  Blimie F.

My davening could use improvement. I am always in such a rush to get to work or to finish lunch that I breeze through my prayers without much thought and concentration. Sometimes I forget if I even davened at all. That is a clear sign that I am not taking it seriously. Eta S.

Being more present and off the phone.  I need to learn that after 5 P.M. the phone closes and I am with my family. Later, when everyone is asleep, I can go back and check my messages.  Shaul B.

Kibbud av va’eim, which extends to grandparents. I know my grandparents would be thrilled if I called more often, visited more often, and spent a Shabbos with them.  I only seem to come around during times of crisis: a fall or injury, hospital or doctor visits, and emergency home repairs. I need to make more of an effort to see them on a day-to-day basis.  Nussi P.I don’t know if this qualifies as self-improvement, but I have always felt that I could step it up with my kiruv work. I am involved in the “Just One Shabbos” campaign where people are encouraged to invite an unaffiliated Jew over for a Shabbos meal, but I could do so much more. We all have people on our block who could use an invite to inspire them to come back to the fold, and I encourage everyone to do so.     Yakov Gilberman

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