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Community Highlights 


NYPD Officer Meir Green Pulls Man from Train Track 


An Orthodox Jewish NYPD officer and his partner pulled a man who had fallen onto the track back onto the platform before an oncoming F Train at the Smith-9th Street Station could make the would-be passenger a sad statistic. Officer Meir Green, who lives in Boro Park, caught the entire incident on his bodycam, making him a celebrity hero in the frum community. The camera recording showed Officer Green rushing to the platform and pulling the fallen man out of danger with the help of his partner NYPD Officer Morgan Brown. Officer Green is a graduate of Brooklyn’s Yeshiva Torah Vodaath and Mir Yerushalayim. He brushed aside praise for the train rescue by declaring, “Every single person who wears this uniform is a hero, even though not every story gets out of what the police officer did.”


Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein Now NYS Assembly Assistant Majority Whip


New York State Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie has selected Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein, whose district represents Boro Park, to serve as his assistant majority whip. Heastie recognized the Orthodox Jewish state legislature “as a valued member of the Assembly and [who] will be an asset to our leadership team” and stated, “I look forward to working with Assemblyman Eichenstein to lead New York forward in the term ahead.” While utilizing his new post to help bring together the diverse and multifaceted communities throughout New York State, Eichenstein emphasized, “As always, I am committed to advocating for my constituents who have put their trust and faith in me by giving me the privilege of representing them in this great chamber. I will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities and will continue to work tirelessly on their behalf.”


Rabbi Shlomo Farhi at Yad Batya L’Kallah Auction


This year’s Flatbush Annual Auction for Yad Bayta L’Kallah that helps kallahs from poor families will feature Rabbi Shlomo Farhi, a world-renowned speaker and educator, who is the Rav of the Edmund J Safra Synagogue in Manhattan and known for his magnetism and personable style. Rabbi Farhi obtained his rabbinical ordination from the Jerusalem Kollel of Rav Yitzchak Berkowitz. Rabbi Farhi built cutting-edge educational programs such as NEXT, JTAG, and Aish Schools, which are currently educating thousands of young Jews in the United Kingdom, and helping them find direction in their lives. He is the founder and director of Chazak, a Sephardic educational organization.


Proposed Bill for Free Lunches in Upcoming State Budget


An effort is underway by NYS Assemblywoman Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas and State Senator Michelle Hinchey to pass a bill that would provide all students in both public and private schools with free lunches. Currently the federal government provides free lunches to students from low-income families, but more than 700,000 families, many who are struggling to make ends meet, do not qualify for free lunches. Both Gonzalez-Rojas and Hinchey have sent a letter to Governor Kathy Hochul, signed by dozens of other state legislators requesting that the governor to include free school meals in her 2024 fiscal year budget. Another letter was sent to the governor by representatives of 81 different yeshivos. The cause is also being supported the Healthy School Meals for All NY Kids coalition. Rabbi Yeruchim Silber of the Agudath Israel of America said, “Sadly, even in our community, there are people who suffer from food instability. No child in this day and age should go hungry or lack nutritious meals.”


35th Annual Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel Dinner 


The 35th Annual Dinner of Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel will be held this year at the El Caribe on Wednesday, March 1. Also known as the Brooklyn Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva, the dinner will be an opportunity for parents, community members, and alumni to show their support to the makom Torah that has educated and given spiritual chizuk to thousands of graduates. This year, the dinner will honor Mr. and Mrs. Aron Lebovits as guests of honor. Other honorees include Dr. and Mrs. Rachamim Sultan, Mr. and Mrs. Avigdor Koss, and Rabbi and Mrs. Yisroel Meir Kramer.


JCCMP Pesach Food Distribution 


For families who are struggling to make ends meet under normal circumstances, Pesach is an even more trying time. The JCC of Marine Park helps ensure that families have the necessary provisions to make Pesach with a program that alleviates the financial burden in numerous ways. Every year, JCCMP volunteers pack hundreds of cases of food including grape juice, matzah, fresh produce, and other basic Pesach staples to be delivered to over 150 families who would otherwise not have food for Yom Tov. The JCC of Marine Park also provides families with vouchers to local supermarkets and gift cards for other food essentials.


Mayor Eric Adams at Hatzalah’s Family Appreciation Night 


Mayor Eric Adams made a surprise appearance at Flatbush Hatzalah’s Family Appreciation Night on Sunday, February 19. Mayor Adams was accompanied by Mayoral Senior Advisor Joel Eisdorfer and NYPD Inspector Richie Taylor. The mayor paid tribute to Hatzalah members and their families for their 24/7 service and sacrifice for the community. The mayor said, “I know firsthand of the sacrifices made by families of Hatzalah members, because as a former member of the NYPD, every time I put on that uniform, my family did the tour of duty with me, and every time a Hatzalah member answers a call for help, they’re giving a part of themselves and leaving their wives, their children, and their parents. It takes a caring and dedicated family to know that the most G-dly thing is when we give back and make great sacrifices. So I say thank you to all Hatzalah members and their families.” The mayor received a standing ovation from the crowd of 2,000 Hatzalah members and their families.


What happens when you take over 40 industrious students, 3,000 books, mountains of bar codes and labels and an efficient librarian? Ask the eighth graders of Bnos Leah of Prospect Park Yeshiva! They were lucky to have the opportunity to help librarian, Rechyl Weg, set up the brand new JCCMP library. The girls worked seamlessly to label and box thousands of books in preparation for the opening of the library. Bnos Leah of Prospect Park Yeshiva students and staff were so happy to be able to give back to a community organization that has done so much for so many of us. It was incredible to watch how quickly and cohesively the girls worked. Thank you JCC for allowing us this opportunity!

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