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Chanukah is the perfect time to dazzle your family and guests with a gorgeous tablescape.  Of course, you can never go wrong with blue, white and silver accents to match the menorah, but who says you can’t try something different?  This season, stores are full of dishes and table décor in radiant jewel tones and shimmering metallics.  Why not have fun with a new color scheme and set a gorgeous Shabbos Chanukah tablescape! 


Everywhere I went my eye was drawn to decorations and home accents in a deep teal, peacock-blue hue.  Paired with metallic accents, it’s a winning combination for a stunning and sparkling table. I chose a tablecloth with a cute gold polka dot print to go with festive vibe and to make the deep colored accents pop against it.  The color is introduced with a variety of materials, including the textured fabric leaf placemat and glass charger.  The whimsical tablecloth reflects light and grounds the look.  Delicate glassware adds a sophisticated touch while a full set of rustic flatware announces a bountiful meal is ahead. For centerpieces, I’ve used brass menorahs, a variety of dreidels, and colorful plates of chocolates.  Bowls of fruit bookend the table and add a natural element of design.   I chose the mandarins with leaves because they are in season; their orange color contrasts the teal perfectly.  Displaying them in the domed cake stand is unexpected, but looks perfectly in place.  A touch of flowers in a vase adds height to the table.


The menorah is the centerpiece of the entire room. Here I’ve used glass pillar candle holders, all the same height except the center holder, which is taller for the shamash.  The pillar candles are traditional, but you can also use battery-powered for décor purposes if you want the look of burning candles while avoiding any safety issues.  A decorative beaded garland  is wrapped around the base to add interest and  tie everything together.   



I’ve balanced smooth and tactile with a variety of shapes and heights.  There are a lot of layers, going from big to small, but the order keeps everything aligned and neat. Some textures are matte, some shiny.  There’s fabric next to glass.  Solid next to metallic.  Elegant glasses next to rustic metallic flatware.  And to juxtapose the order of each neatly set place setting, the random, playful centerpiece.   


See how the soft fabric leaf placemat plays against the shiny glass organic shaped charger?  A beautiful placemat would have sufficed, but the charger elevates the entire ensemble. The simple, white salad plate contrasts and balances the metallic dinner plate.  Topped with a decorative accent in the colour du jour, and a piece of seasonal fruit, it will delight the eye and tempt the palate.  


Metallic accents don’t necessarily have to match spot-on, but should blend and be pleasing to the eye.  Too much contrast distracts from the beauty of subtle differences.


Traditional décor in metallic shades sets the right tone for the holiday spirit. When designing your tablescape, sort through your dreidel and menorah collections for pieces that work nicely together.  Arrange them freely down the table for the perfect centerpiece.  


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