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Where is your money?

By: Noah Gross

Amazon has spawned an infinite marketplace for the purchase and sale of merchandise. In doing so they have undertaken the handling and processing of an immense quantity of merchandise and money, every single day.  Inevitably the potential for loss of merchandise is great. The magnitude of Amazon’s order fulfillment is beyond comprehension and apparently beyond their control. We, as Sellers, are providing Amazon with much of the merchandise to fulfill the orders, and as we all know, there is a very discernable amount of merchandise that just disappears.  And it is happening to all of us. We know that there are many inventory items that are unaccounted for- simply gone. But that translates into a very real loss of money.

The click-and-ship method of purchase touted by Amazon creates a utopian vision of merchandise acquisition within the consumer’s mind.  The ugly stepsister of this utopia is the behind-the-scenes reality of the management of the inventory.

A little skeptical? Go check your inventory list against your shipping fulfillment orders with Amazon.  There are discrepancies. Many discrepancies. And that translates into financial losses.

Have you factored in your shipping costs? Definitely.  Have you factored in your merchandise exchange and return costs? Absolutely.  Have you agreed to just toss out thousands of dollars that are lost in the flow of commerce? Yup! You have done that too.

The reality of managing those massive quantities of merchandise AND the subsequent returns and refund of that same merchandise, can be a morass of financial loss.  Where is it? Who has it? It’s in the Milky Way of lost funds. Go watch a YouTube clip of shipping and receiving warehouses and you will begin to understand where the money goes.  Or at least where it doesn’t go. Your pocket.

This is where Refund Sniper comes in.  We will find every last dollar that belongs to you and every lost piece of inventory.  We will track down each dollar and retrieve it; deposit it directly in to your bank account.  Be honest- how much of your rightfully owed money actually finds its way into your company’s bank account? Thousands upon thousands of dollars of your money are floating around in the Amazon River of corporate accounts.  WE GET YOU YOUR MONEY BACK. We track all of your property and retrieve it for you. In dollars. And then we put back them where they belong. In your account. And the down side? There isn’t one. There is no upfront fee for the service.  There is no charge for the service unless monies are identified and deposited into your account. There is a clear cost benefit analysis: More money equals more money!

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