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Spotlight on…Adam Pearlman

Business Name and Position: Better Benefits Consulting, President

Years in Business: 21

Number of Employees: 4

Location: Staten Island and Brooklyn (with clients all over the USA!)

Tell us a bit about yourself.

 I have a wonderful  wife named Adina and  four amazing kids. My oldest, Dovid, is 19 and a professional Jewish pop singer, and then I have three girls ranging from  ages five to 16. I have an MBA in healthcare administration from Baruch/Mt. Sinai School of Medicine and a BA from Yeshiva University. Besides for learning, of course, my hobbies include tennis, singing, and ping- pong.   I love all people and want Moshiach to come so everyone can get kupat cholim and I hope to go out of the business, but for now, I’m glad to help people maximize their benefits for their premium dollars!

What prompted you to enter the insurance field?

I had an entry level job at a friend’s firm and I found that I was skilled at helping people

maximize the benefits they were getting for their premium dollars.  

What services do you provide?

We offer employee benefits specializing in group insurance plans for health, dental, vision, life,

and disability plans. I also help individuals protect their families with proper life, long term

care, and disability insurance coverage.  We offer businesses and individuals a free consultation

to review their insurance benefits. If they are interested, we can analyze their current plan free

of charge and develop a proposal to save money and possibly offer richer benefits.

When you review a client’s coverage to check for flaws what are you looking for?

Many things, but the main one is under-protection or unnecessary overprotection (paying for

coverage not needed or utilized).

Can you describe your typical client?

Small/medium sized businesses and human resource directors who offer employee benefits to their staff and also individuals want to protect themselves and their loved ones with proper coverage. 

How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business?

Overall, we weren’t affected too badly. This line of work is pertinent now more than ever as

people want to make sure they’re covered properly. It is sad to see that some individuals needed to be furloughed  and that some large businesses had to lay off staff due to lower revenue and their businesses being at a standstill.  

How can we save money on our insurance?

These days out of network coverage is barely used and almost a waste of extra premium

especially if you’re in a good network plan and unless one is spending over $ 10,000 out of

network, it doesn’t warrant the extra premium cost.  I have many other interesting ideas, but we

don’t have the time to go over them here. I urge anyone who is interested to call me and set up a

one-on-one consultation for more individualized tips.

What advice do you have for retirees? 

I work with seniors on getting proper Medicare supplement plans.  If you have  the popular

AARP Plan F then you may be overpaying and can save serious money without sacrificing

benefits by speaking with our senior planning specialist.  Using those savings, our team can help

you make arrangements to pay for final expense programs and avoid burdening your


What is the best means of financial protection during these troubling times? 

Have faith in Hashem, but do your proper hishtadlus by getting the correct amount of life, health,

disability, and long term care insurance to protect you and your family until 120!

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