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Spotlight on….Dr. Marina Klotsman, Pediatrician

BUSINESS NAME AND POSITION: Rambam Family Health Center

LOCATION: 1122 Chestnut Avenue,  Brooklyn, NY



Which services do you provide?

Primary care, internal medicine, pediatrics, and dental care. We also offer a patient portal, which allows people to manage their appointments, forms, health records, and prescriptions all in one convenient virtual space. 

Is Rambam an urgent care facility?

No. That is a big misconception about us. We are far more than an urgent care center; we offer comprehensive family care. We are a clinic  that serves your whole family. We offer unparalleled medical care all under one roof. 

What is the number one reason for most visits?

One of the main reasons patients come to us is for their annual checkups, which for children includes all their vaccinations, checkups (including follow ups on chronic conditions), sick visits, work/school clearance, and any other reason that would make you want  to see your doctor. We also offer the full array of primary care services, and the same holds true for dental services, which include well visits, cleanings, or address any other dental issues that may come about.  

How many patients walk into Rambam on an average day?

Rambam has been growing exponentially as more and more people hear about the great care and service we provide. The number of people that walk in grows each day. 

Are people still coming in daily for COVID-19 testing? 

The COVID-19 swab or antibody test is something we do as part of a patient’s check-up or sick visit, or if it’s something they need for school or work.  Additionally, we work with the Plasma Initiative Foundation, so that patients who are interested in donating plasma can go directly to the source with ease. 

How can parents be assured that their kids remain safe and healthy with the start of the new school year?

The best way to remain healthy and safe is to encourage children to practice good hand hygiene (washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds) throughout the day, coughing and sneezing into their elbows, and staying home when not feeling well. This has always been true and remains especially pertinent now.

Should the flu vaccine be mandatory in schools?

 It’s definitely recommended that students vaccinate.  Studies show that vaccinations create herd immunity which saves lives.

How do you choose your providers?

 Rambam Family Health Center hires and enlists top-quality medical professionals  who provide exceptional care. I can assure you that providers are carefully selected and screened before becoming part of the Rambam Family.

What has been your most difficult case to treat?

We’ve had patients who came in for a simple cough and our providers identified greater underlying medical needs where follow up was needed. Each case is unique, and simple cases can often end up being more complex, or vice versa. We’re here for our patients for the big things and the small things, but of course, if you are faced with a  real emergency, you should always visit a hospital first. 

What’s next for Rambam Family?

As we continue to grow in patients, providers, and specialty services offered, our employee numbers are growing as well.  Keep your eyes open as we will soon be offering behavioral health services and other specialties too!

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