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Spotlight on… Mod Mouth

Name and Position: Dr. Steven Davidowitz, D.D.S., CO-founder, Chief Dental Officer

LOCATION: Multiple



What is MOD Mouth?

MOD Mouth is a revolutionary approach to modern smile design: no fear, no fuss, just beautiful smiles.

We run a chain of oral health and beauty boutiques presently located in New York, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, and Florida, with plans to open nationwide. 

How is MOD Mouth different from a regular dentist office?

Although all our clients are examined by licensed oral health professionals,  we are not a traditional dental office. When you walk in, you will notice that there are no dental chairs, drills, or anesthesia. A visit to a MOD Mouth location is an uplifting experience to enhance a smile in a comfortable, affordable, and caring way

What types of dental services do you provide?

We have taken the two most popular oral cosmetic services out of the stressful dental office: teeth whitening and teeth straightening using clear plastic aligners.  Both services are done at our Brilliant Bar, a place where innovative, stress-free clear aligner therapies and whitening services are combined with a curated line of specialized oral care products. With advice freely shared by oral care professionals, it’s a place where everyone can experience the life-changing power of loving their smile.

What is clear aligner therapy and how does it differ from traditional braces?

Historically, metal braces have been used to correct misaligned teeth.  However, as more and more adults wanted straighter and more beautiful smiles, it forced the dental community to find a more cosmetic and comfortable way to straighten teeth.   Teeth can be moved into better positions by applying a constant, very mild force over a period of time. It doesn’t matter if that force is applied using a wire with memory or a clear plastic mold which applies mild pressure. As opposed to metal braces which are affixed to the teeth, MOD Mouth aligners are removed when eating and brushing your teeth.  Aligners are changed each week, with each successive aligner moving the teeth into a new position on their journey into the position desired for a more pleasing cosmetic smile. Remember, your smile is the most powerful accessory you have.

How do your aligners differ from Invisalign?

MOD Mouth aligners work the same way as Invisalign.  They are both clear plastic aligners which are changed weekly, and both move teeth by applying mild forces over prolonged periods.  Our aligners differ in two main ways: Ours are clearer, more comfortable, and are much less expensive. MOD Mouth aligners cost approximately 60% less than the Invisalign brand as sold in dental offices.  The high cost of Invisalign is due to the fact they are sold and fit in dental offices – honestly, a very expensive place. You also have to take into account that Align Technologies charges the dentist a high price for their Invisalign aligners.  Those costs alone can run into the thousands of dollars. MOD Mouth aligners are the only major aligner product manufactured here in the United States.  

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