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Over 600 people attended Tribeworks, a one-day business accelerator event which was designed to help small businesses and entrepreneurs  with education, networking, and mentorship. The groundbreaking event was held on Tuesday, November 13 at the Staten Island Hilton. Tribeworks was presented to the greater community by the JCCMP and 10 other major nonprofit organizations. It was hosted by Asher Weinberger, CEO of Twillery ; Isaac Wolman, CEO of Make it Real; Shea Rubinstein, executive vice president of   JCCMP; and Rabbi Yehoshua Werde, director of CHYE and JCON Conferences. The day began with a joint session as Howard Jonas, founder of IDT, was interviewed by Laizer Kornwasser. Session on business, marketing, and financing were led by Sol Werdiger, CEO of Outerstuff; Lisa Schneider CDO of Merriam Webster; Ben Weiner VC of Jumpspeed Ventures; and six other noted entrepreneurs. Harvard professor and bestselling author  Noam Wasserman presented the lunchtime keynote address, touching on Judaic concepts in business.  Concurrent panels on e-commerce,  wholesale, and technology were led by Eddie Levine, CEO of Hubdub; Rachel Greer of Amazon.com;  Aviva Weiss CEO of Fun and Function; and many other noted panelists. Getting your product into retailers and staying compliant with Amazon’s changing rules were among the roundtable discussions that capped off the afternoon, along with a vendor show with allowed for networking and further discussion.  Tribeworks was the first event of its kind allowing entrepreneurs from New York, New Jersey, and other communities to access a large-scale network pf resources and ideas to facilitate their growth and opportunity.

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