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Places to Go 

Compiled and Photographed by Sarah Einhorn

This year there is no Shabbos Chol Hamoed Pesach. That leaves us with a nice stretch of time to go on enjoyable trips.  Below I compiled some places I visited and enjoyed in the last half year. I tried to offer a mix of indoor and outdoor ideas and trips for both young and old. Hopefully everyone with find something that speaks to them. Have a chag kosher v’sameach! 

Xtreme Play Extreme Adventure Park

Danbury, CT


Xtreme Play is a popular new indoor amusement center in Danbury, Connecticut. There is a variety of fun activities catering to all from young children to adults. The high ropes adventure course has two levels of obstacles and challenging components. The course, with its many interesting features, is suspended over the spin zone bumping cars. The Spin Zone has bumping cars that don’t just hit others but spin as well. There is also mini bowling, a climbing wall, a fun Warrior Course with many challenging and fun elements to try. We had a really great time playing laser tag. There was a mix of ages playing and it was fun to watch the old and young trying to tag each other.  You would think that the Balllocity area is primarily for the little children, but many adults were enjoying as much as – if not more than – the children they were with. There are ball blowers, hoppers, and a multi-story climbing structure ball blasters that can be aimed at the unsuspecting people below. Xtreme Play offer both a Virtual Reality and a 3D Dark Ride. The many arcade games are spread all over the facility. 

We visited during school break and Xtreme Place seemed to be a popular choice for many children and adults enjoying their day off.



38 Mill Plain Road

Danbury, CT 06811


Phone Number:



Hours and Price:

Check online for the updated hours and prices.


Approximate Distance from Flatbush: 1 hour, 20 minutes   



FLG X Adventure Course

Ledgewood, NJ


I could not believe that there was such an amazing five-level outdoor ropes course and remarkable zip line course in nearby New Jersey. The adventure course and zip line course are situated in a wooded area offering delicious fresh air and shade while challenging your endurance. The five-level adventure course has about 10-17 different obstacles. The obstacles include rope swings, scrambling walls, hanging nets, and wobbly bridges. The levels get progressively higher up and more difficult. The adventure course also has a few ziplines incorporated in the set up. The FLG X Zip Line Course is one of the largest in the East of the United States. It contains more than 30 zip lines suspended 15 to 50 feet tall with rope ladders to climb up. Flying from one base to the other is exhilarating! 


After being fitted with a harness and watching a safety video, you’re on your own to explore and challenge your endurance. There are guides stationed along the way to help anyone with difficulty. The adventure and zip line courses are not too far apart. They begin and end at the same point. Once you leave any of the courses, you can’t go back u, so make sure you are definitely done before heading down.


All visitors need good grip gloves and a water bottle that can be clipped onto the harness (FLG X sells gloves and water bottles that have a carabiner clip for a small fee). Since it is a really professional and high-level adventure course and zip line, there is a minimum height and age requirement for the courses.


When we visited, we decided to do the zip line course. I was skeptical when we were told to count on a few hours. I didn’t dream that it actually would take us that long! We were zipping from one tree to another and climbing the rope ladders. The best part was we were able to go on our own. The harness system is done in a way that you don’t need to rely on the staff to attach you. The trip was awesome! We loved every minute of it. For all the fun we had, it was worth being sore the next few days. I can’t wait to return and try the adventure course.




59 Mt Arlington Road

Ledgewood, NJ 07852


Phone Number:




Check online for the current hours.


Adventure Course: Adults (ages 12+) Approximately 4 hours: $54.95

  Kids (ages 9-11) Approximately 2 hours: $36.95


Adventure Ziplines:  Adults (ages 12+) Approximately 2 hours: $54.95


Approximate Distance from Flatbush:   1 hour, 10 minutes


Grace Lord Park

Boonton, New Jersey

We went bowling at Boonton Lanes on a warm fall day. We also wanted to catch some fresh air, so we looked for a park in town. Grace Lord Park appeared to be a cute playground designed adorably with a nature vibe. The park does not have a parking lot, so we parked across the street at the side of the gas station (with the permission of the attendant.) There is some street parking nearby if you can find a spot.

We entered the park through the path right by the playground. The playground looks new and up to date recreating a natural feel. The elements were fun for the kids to play on. It was so exciting to discover the fake squirrels and chipmunks peeking out of the fake trees.  A bit farther down the path is a large gazebo and signs with the history of the park and how the body of water was used to create canals for commerce in the 1800s. The path leads to a wooded area alongside the Rockaway River Gorge and a magnificent big waterfall.  A bridge over the water takes hikers to the other side of the river with large boulders. The path continues alongside the river. We turned back and retraced our steps when we ran out of time. It is hard to believe that there is an area of raw nature in the citylike area.


It is advisable to call ahead or check online to confirm hours and prices.  



Across from the BP Gas Station at 

115 W Main Street

Boonton, NJ 07005



6 A.M.– 8 P.M.




Approximate Distance from:   

Brooklyn Bridge: 45 minutes





Boonton Lanes

 Boonton, NJ


We tried yet another bowling alley! This time in Boonton, New Jersey. Boonton Lanes is one of the Nationwide Bowling Centers. I decided to visit after coming across a well-priced Groupon.

We visited noontime Friday on Chol Hamoed Sukkos and combined it with a visit to a nearby park. Although it was Chol Hamoed, the place was not full at all. There were only one or two other lanes of the 24 lanes occupied. We had a great time bowling. They offer bumpers and slides for the little ones. The bumpers do not go up and down depending on the player, so our little ones just used the slide and that worked perfectly. The bowling alley is clean and well kept. The staff is helpful and friendly. You can plan a great day that includes this bowling alley and the nearby Grace Lord Park (see above). 




720 Myrtle Avenue

Boonton, NJ 07005


Phone Number:




Check online for the current hours.


Call or check online for the current pricing.


Approximate Distance from Flatbush:  1 hour


Kakiat Park

Montebello, NY


Kakiat Mountain, just at the edge of the Monsey area, is a popular 376-acre park with hiking paths and the Mahwah River at the bottom. The Kakiat Trail stretches into Harriman State Park and meets up with the Suffern Bear Mountain Trail.  The Kakiat Trail is an uphill trail, not too long or too difficult. It starts straight ahead of the footbridge which crosses the Mahwah River right at the pathway entrance. Down at the entrance of the park near the river is a picnic table. A large grassy field with a picnic pavilion.

Over ten years ago, I started the hike up Kakiat Trail for the first time. While on the trail we met up with a snake, which seems to be a common sight at the park. There are a few species of snakes spotted there, but if they do not feel threatened, they generally do not bother people. It was a hot day when we visited so we continued a little while longer and turned around when we had enough. What we were unaware of was the view we were missing out on just a little bit higher up. 

Last spring, I decided to check out Kakiat Park again. This time we made sure to continue the hike until we made it to a clearing on large rocks with a magnificent view of the area and the NYC skyline. There was some rock scrambling before getting to the clearing, but it was definitely worth it. We had toddlers with us, and they were able to do the hike with help of the adults. The Kakiat Trail does continue higher up, but we were advised that the nicest view is at the fist clearing.

After enjoying a picnic lunch, we headed down back toward the Mahwah River and over the footbridge to the parking lot. We noticed some people looking at something at the side of the path right near the Trailhead. When we came closer someone pointed out a snake on a rock sunning near the path. It was the perfect time to spot the fascinating snake because we were leaving the park just then and it wasn’t on the wide paved path but near it.



668 Haverstraw Road

Montebello, NY 10901



7A.M. – 8P.M.




Approximate Distance from Flatbush:   1 hour, 10 minutes



Catch Air

Paramus, NJ (Multiple additional locations)

When my toddler had a day off from preschool this winter, I wanted to do something special and age appropriate. I decided to visit Catch Air with a friend.  It was an excellent choice. Walking into Catch Air felt like entering an underwater bubble of colorful fish in all shapes and sizes. There is a tremendous soft play area with multiple slides between climbing areas a zipline, trampolines, and a ball area with a multi-level climbing structure that has ball guns to use on the unsuspecting people below.

The baby area is a gated in area with room for babies to crawl around, and there are softer toys, a mini slide, and interactive toys on the low walls.

There are interactive electronic games for the children to play such as throwing balls onto targets on a large screen and riding a “bicycle” through different scenes. 

The spinning cups were one of the kids’ favorite activities. They kept running back and asking us to give them a spin.

Catch Air is extremely parent friendly. Every person entering needs to pay so it is not an especially cheap trip but definitely a fun one.



4 #102 #224

Paramus, NJ 07652


Phone Number:




Check online for the current hours.


Children Age 2-: $12.99 Price per adult: $10.99

Children Age 3+: $22.99 Price per adult: $6.99


Approximate Distance from Marine Park:   55 minutes



Raymondskill Falls

Milford, PA


I never tire of visiting waterfalls. I love watching the water cascade down majestically.

Near the Delaware Water Gap in Pennsylvania, right near the New Jersey border, are some magnificent waterfalls. Best part is they are free. Raymondskill Falls, a beautiful three-tiered waterfall cascading down, is only a few minutes walk from the parking lot through a wide path in the woods down to the waterfall. The hike to the Dingmans Falls, the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania, is only 0.3 miles. There are two viewing areas. The upper viewing area offers views of the top section of the waterfall and the pool as well as the top of the second section. The lower viewing area offers a beautiful view of the whole waterfall.  No swimming or wading is allowed within 50 feet upstream of waterfalls or in the waterfalls themselves.



917 Raymondskill Road

Milford, PA 18337



6 A.M.–8:30 P.M.




Approximate Distance from Flatbush: 1 hour, 50 minutes 



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