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Eternal Time Zones


Bracha Goetz


One moment it is Shabbos.

You won’t pick up a nickle.

Then when Shabbos ends – you will,

And it’s not because you’re fickle.


One moment it’s during The Nine Days.

Then – flash – to the pool all can race.

Homes empty, save for dirty laundry,

That is running out of space.


One moment it is Pesach,

And you won’t eat one bread crumb,

Then the next moment – when Pesach ends,

A truckload better come!


In one moment, we cross a border.

Such fine lines mark each boundary.

We enter into new spiritual states,

That only our souls can see.


Bracha Goetz is the author of more than 40 Jewish children’s books, including Let’s Stay Safe, Sat on a Hat, and Hashem’s Candy Store that can be found in Jewish bookstores, on Amazon, and on her website here: www.goetzbookshop.com.

Bracha Goetz is a Mentoring Coordinator in Baltimore, Maryland and the Harvard-educated author of eight children’s books, including The Happiness Box, The Invisible Book, and What Do You See At Home?


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