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And to Think That I Saw It on Yesterday’s Tweet  


You may think you can take our books, 

You may think you can free all crooks. 

You may think you can take away 

The freedoms that were yesterday. 

I do not like where this is heading 

I do not like where you are treading

This feels like it’s all a scam

I do not like it, Uncle Sam. 


But luckily, we have our book 

(The one without the big green snook)

That you can never take away 

It’s mine, it’s ours, it’s here to stay

We’ll read it once again this year 

The way we read it every year 

And learn what freedom really is

And Who’s in charge of how we live. 


So, change Mr. Potato Head, 

And turn to blue all that was red 

We’ve seen it all, been here and there 

We’ve seen it all, and we don’t care

So, excuse us while we drink four cups 

And sing and dine and just discuss. 

We do not care about the fuss,

You can’t take that away from us! 







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