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Do you approve or disapprove of changing local zoning so homeowners can expand their homes?

Disapprove. A neighborhood has a specific feel that gives it its uniqueness and charm, and zoning can change that.  If you’re referring to the zoning issue in Marine Park specifically, that is less about aesthetics and more about people with large families wanting the neighborhood to accommodate them, which changes the character of the area.

-Eliezer Shlomovich, 39

Changing zoning laws ruins the aesthetics of neighborhoods. Look at the monstrosity hi-rise that was built in Sheepshead Bay. It is purely greed-driven and I am not in favor.

– Steve Janowsky, 45

Disapprove. Though I feel for large families, I don’t want this beautiful neighborhood to change. If you want a mansion, buy somewhere else.

-Miriam Engel, 36

Approve. I don’t understand why this is an issue. When I expanded my house a few years ago, I got a lot of heat from neighbors who actually filed complaints with the building department. Don’t they understand that by changing the zoning rules their property’s value will only rise?

– Mr. Weiss, 43

Approve.  If Marine Park wants to flourish and survive, they have to accommodate the changing times. Marine Park homes are generally small with no more than three bedrooms; that is not suitable for today’s growing families.  

-Miri Bender, 29


Approve. If zoning doesn’t change, I’ll be forced to relocate my family to Long Island, Tom’s River, or Monsey, but I really don’t want to as I love this area.

-R. Katz, 31  

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