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How Can We Combat Anti-Semitism?

It’s not our job to combat anti-Semitism. There will always be those that who harbor negative feelings towards Jews and Israel, and the more we try to be nice and appeal to them, the more they view it as a gesture of weakness or guilt on our part. I say  go about your life and be the best Jew you can be. If in the interim you can inspire someone, great, but don’t make that your life’s mission. Wolves and lambs can never graze together. 

Meir Y. 


We can combat anti-Semitism by not being silent about it. Any time and every time you witness or hear about an incident, report it, post on social media, alert the press, and reach out to local elected officials. Don’t be afraid to speak out and call it out!



By striving to always make a kiddush Hashem. Of course, some people will hate Jews no matter what, so let’s not give them more reasons. Let that driver go ahead of you.  Let that person take the parking spot. Be polite. Be courteous. Be patient. Open doors  for people. Greet everyone with a “good morning”, “good afternoon”, and “have a great day.”  

Amelia K.


We cannot tolerate the recent flamboyant displays of anti-Semitism. Can you imagine if someone was walking around tipping baseball caps off Black students? Can you imagine if Hispanic students were barricaded in a school library while students were banging on the walls taunting them? Do you think colleges would allow mass protests criticizing China during the COVID epidemic? Why do we allow this behavior to go unchallenged? If we believe in the slogan “never again”, then we have to take it more seriously  and demand change. 



We should encourage more Jewish speakers to lecture in public schools, including Holocaust survivors, IDF soldiers, Jewish politicians, or anyone who can educate young people about Jewish history and persecution.

Daniel B.

Move to Israel! Yes, the country has its own problems, but at least you’ll be living among your brethren. 



Hit them wear it hurts. If you spot anti-Semitism in a store, college,  or major company, publicize it and shame them for it. Boycott the establishment. Post on their Instagram or Facebook page. If you see an individual doing or saying something anti-Semitic, let the public know by revealing their identity on social media. This worked when it came to those who were videoed ripping down posters of the hostages. Several people were outed and it led to their job termination. We have to call these people out!



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