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Do You Feel Safe?

No, and I haven’t for a long time. I used to go to Manhattan a few times a year for shopping or other fun activities, but I do not feel safe going there anymore. Between the high crime, lack of police, unvetted migrants roaming around, and now anti-Isael sentiment, I avoid the city. I also refuse to ride the subway.
Devorah V.

No. I would feel safer in Yerushalayim, which Hashem says will always be protected. I would take the missiles and air raids in Eretz Yisrael over all the hate we have here. Eretz Yisrael is cloaked in Hashem’s shechinah. People think it’s crazy that families continue to make Aliyah even during such turbulent times, but I get it. This is where we all belong.
No. I used to wear a tichel, but since October 7th, I now only wear a sheitel when I venture outdoors. I don’t want to stand out as being visibly Jewish.
Kayla L.

Yes. I have personally not witnessed any form of anti-Semitism here in Marine Park. The community feels very safe and the overall population seems very pro-Israel. In fact, last week, I was passing by Nora’s Park Bench Café on Quentin Road and an employee (I think) yelled out to me: “G-d bless Israel! Marine Park stands with Israel!”
Yitty Y.

Yes. I refuse to succumb to the fear mongers. This is what they want. This is what they expect from us. I walk with my head held high. I wear my kippah proudly on my head and my tzitzis are sticking out. If someone has a problem with it, I challenge them to approach me about it.
Dov G.

No. I am cognizant of my surroundings and am always looking around when I walk. I have stopped going for my evening stroll in the park because I don’t feel comfortable. As a senior citizen, I feel especially vulnerable. My husband and I have even contemplated taking our mezuzah down. When the public school kids are being dismissed, we stay indoors and avoid sitting on the porch.
A Reader

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