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Best Chol Hamoed Trip for the Whole Family?

American Dream Mall! It has something for everyone in the family, plus a sukkah and kosher food.
Malka Ferber

Our family has been going to Six Flags Great Adventures every Sukkos for years and it never disappoints. We love the roller coasters, especially Kingda Ka, the tallest coaster in the world, and we also enjoy the drive-through safari. NCSY rents out the park, so the crowd and music are appropriate for Chol Hamoed.
The L. Family

The Bronx Zoo. It’s great for animal lovers of all ages. Little kids have a petting zoo. Hikers can stroll through the nature trek, and if you get too tired from all the walking, try the Wild Asia Monorail or ride the bug carousel. I bring my kids here for a full day so my wife can cook at home. By the time we come back, they are all tired and ready for bed.
Benny K.

Hersheypark is loads of fun. There are rides for all ages, but one of our favorites is the free Hershey’s Chocolate Factory Tour ride, which includes a small chocolate bar at the end of the ride!
Devora V.

Visit family! Chol Hamoed is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with relatives who live in different cities. We all meet at one place. Sometimes it’s a theme park, but more often it’s at one family’s home where we’ll rent a moon bounce for the kids or have a barbeque. One year, we all rented a big house in the Poconos together for three days of Chol Hamoed.

Our family enjoys going to the Dave & Busters right here in Brooklyn at the Gateways Center. We used to have to travel to Long Island to go there, so it’s a pleasure that they are a few minutes drive away. We like Dave & Busters because there are games and arcades for kids of all ages there; the adults like it too! After playing the games, you get tickets which you can redeem for prizes. I also like that it’s in a shopping center, so if I get bored, or if I need to run a few errands, I can pop over to the other businesses in the vicinity and pick up items for the house.

B. R.

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